It's Saturday!!  

gsmiley6 56M
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5/20/2006 5:31 am
It's Saturday!!

Yea It is Saturday! I hope to get free to find some place to play to night. If I have to I'll go to a few adult book stores to get some attention. The ole un in Columbia is fun on a Saturday night. Need to find that place to rock out with my cock. There is a bar in KC that is pretty friendly too. Balanca's Bar had a few nice experiences there. Only problem I hate to go alone. I really do wish I could hook up with someone for fun. The relationship with my hand is growing old, hehehe. Oh yea the Mega plex in Pilot Grove has a new theater that just be what I need. Watch movies and see what others do for relief. I do love to watch others stroking their fat cocks. What a plus to see a couple having sex. Well got to go. Peace and love all.

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