A tough challenge  

gsmiley6 56M
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3/31/2006 6:29 am
A tough challenge

What a beautiful morning! Yesterdays storms have pasted. I hope to be outside most of the day. I spent time talking to my brother yesterday trying to renew my spirit. Trying to remove the heavy sexual overtones that have flooded my mine. Yesterday I encountered my ex and her new girlfriend. My anger and resentment are very hard to keep from causing her more grief. I so bad want to yell and scream, give this pain back to her. She dumped me now wants to be friends. She wants me to continue to do things for her as if nothing has changed. She has ask me help get a new place, she wants to keep my truck that I have let her use to move. Says she can't afford payments on her own vehicle. She wants to pay me about a fifth of its value. The place she works is closing its doors in two weeks and wants me to help her find a new job. I recommended her for the one she is working. She has ask my to hold on to her stuff until she finds her new place. I have to keep her dog. All of this would not be a hard thing to do Because I want to see her happy yet when I see her giggling and laughing with this woman I want to explode. Acceptance I must keep telling my self over and over. Let it go. But I invested all of my energy into her for five years. I've always needed six months away from ex-girl friends to clear my mind and head of the toxic thoughts. This will be a challenge to be her friend and let her go.

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