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1/16/2006 8:57 pm

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my heart i feel belongs to someone else but i can't say that becuase she doesn't feel the same way i ask her to be careful and to keep me informed but she doesn't even care enough for me to do that she tells me not to ask where she is going and what she is doing i don't care what she does i just want to know where she will be i fear for her and also i love her i can't say it enough i wish she would just feel the same way. god why do i hate myself? why should i not just take my life? why couldn't I just take and enjoy life? like most? I am too sappy some say. some say i am such a sucker. some say i am affraid of life. some even say they want me to get a life, yes and I have one but if i want to share it with them i don't i know i do and i am sorry if it is so small and not what you want but damn it i love her

aimlessmind 32M

1/16/2006 10:12 pm

my experience is small, my age is young, and simple text can bring only so much assistance but,

looking into my own journals from about a month ago, and then reading over your post, its like im going over a literary mirror. the text isnt exactly the same, but the feelings sure as hell are. id explain my situation but its one that left me the exact same way. EVERY second of my day id want to know where she was, what she was doing, who she was with and so on.....all i know is that shes in the arms of another guy.

youre not alone, even now memories keep surfacing in my mind, and i contemplated alot of things, even taking my life. yet, i asked myself, what would it bring? nothing positive.

i cant say that im 100% emotionally better yet(i doubt i ever will be), but i can say for sure that you shouldnt give up...

grizzleybear1093 32M

1/17/2006 6:39 am

i dont care if she is in the arms of another i just want to know one thing and she wont even tell me that i want to know where about she is going like to what city is all i ask and she wont even give me that much info that way if something doe happen i want to knwo where i could find her i dont think the worse of her i think the worse of the other people i am sorry if this is offensive in any way hell she is the one who set me up with an account here so i could find someone you wanna know what all i have found bi and gay guys and well that is it all i want is someone who i can ask to be mine and enjoy life with her

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