Back from Hobart  

grinchdub 31M
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4/18/2006 6:48 am
Back from Hobart

Got back from Hobart a few hours ago. Had a great time, hotel room was great with a view out over the water. Spent a bit of time in the gym, in the spa and sauna. Had a huge feed for dinner last night and breaky this morning, had great holiday sex, played putt putt golf this morning, went shopping yesterday, it was just a great night away from everything.

When I went into the sauna there was an old guy lying there naked (as you do in a sauna) and I didnt mean to look, but he had a pretty long cock, it lay pretty much half way down his thigh. I thought that was pretty funny, an old guy with a dong like that. No offence to old guys, I dont know, I just found it funny. When I went back later there was a lady in there, not the hottest but had a great set of tits, they looked fake though, didnt move at all even when she did. I would have tried picking her up but there were a few other people in there so it would have been a bit weird.

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