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11/3/2005 5:06 am

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The sight of his vanilla skin as he touches my brown thigh makes me feel that lovely tingle that goes from the pit of my stomach radiating outward. Warming me. Making me very wet. He knows what I crave and is more than willing to give it to me, and he always seems to know what I want, when I want it, and where I want it.

His long slender fingers teasing my clit. I can feel how slippery everything is getting. His lips and tongue lightly touching my dark brown nipples, making them harder before working on trying the impossible of sucking my entire breast into his mouth. I feel my fluid flowing freely as he slides first one, then two, followed by three fingers into me.

He has never had any trouble making me cum before, and this time is no exception. He has started something that will not stop until we have had enough of each other, and that has proven to also be an impossible task.

He's sure of what I want when I push him down on the bed. I can't help smiling wickedly at what I love to call my "vanilla lolli". I lick my lips anxious to have him in my mouth.

I lightly lick the head of him. The bit of juice that has begun to seep from him is sweet to me, and I hear him moan loudly as take him inch by wonderful inch into my mouth. The heat of him warming me from the inside out. I love feeling how hard he is as my tongue plays with the head of his cock, then I plunge my mouth down on him again. I can't help repeating this. I know how much he enjoys it, but he also knows how much I love climbing on top of him.

He's no where near ready to cum even though I have several times without having him inside me.

He pulls me away letting me do what I love so much, and I am very ready to climb that mountain. To feel him fill me as I slide my wetness down on him immediately soaking him with my juice.

His hands gripping my hips tighter and tighter as I slide up and down on him faster and faster. He licks one then the other nipple as my large breasts dangle over his face. I feel how deep inside me he is. I have given up counting the orgasms he makes me have, each one stronger than the last. The only sounds in the room are his heavy breathing and my increasing moans. I can't help thinking of his many comments of having a sock near by and that makes me cum harder.

He rolls me over and the feel of his hips between my legs as he thrusts himself into me is like a smooth erotic dance that I will think of on those long nights when we are far apart.

His sweat covers me, making my body almost as slippery as my pussy. He begins pounding into me, each thrust making me cum harder. I can hardly catch my breath.

Anyone watching us would possibly think of vanilla ice cream with the fudge swirled into it as we continue our intimate dance. Thinking of nothing else but the pleasure of each other.

rm_phatmcskinny 36M

11/20/2005 7:17 pm

That was an incredible story, very hot!

Now I have a huge craving for Chocolate!

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