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4/9/2005 8:41 am

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The first words you spoke intrigued me. It marked the beginning of something never before experienced, the sound of your voice easing any fears, always to rival anything to come in the future.

The first look filled my heart with desire. Studying every part of you, wanting to memorize the softness of your eyes, the power of your smile.

The first touch thrilled me. The strength and heat of your hands lifting and warming me at the same time, letting me know just how long it had been since last I was touched.

The first embrace captured me. Your arms reminding me what it is to be alive as I drown myself in the smell of you.

The first kiss stirred my passion. You filled me with a longing I had forgotten ever existed, making me hunger for more of whatever you had to give.

The first entrance awakening a passion that would never sleep again. Taking you in to the deepest part of me, wanting to keep you there, never wanting our pleasure to end.

The first release unleashing in me a hunger that would never be satisfied. You leave me craving every part of you, every inch of you, longing to have all of you.

Working to be patient in the hope that these firsts will not be the last.

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