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What if we were with another couple and all you and he could do was sit back and watch as the we women pleasured each other?

No wrestling around bare breasted covered in oil or mud. No cheering crowd. Just the four of us in a room lit softly by candles. The air being filled with the aroma of lavender incense. Music softly playing in the background being drowned out by the rising sounds of heavy breathing and soft moans.

Her light skin against mine that is dark. The only thing separating us is the light film of sweat that is building up as we kiss lightly. Getting more familiar with each others faces with lips and tongues.

Hands exploring bodies. Fingers gliding over hardened nipples. One pair dark brown the other a deep dusty rose, both growing impossibly harder. Both pairs of breasts rising and falling quickly with each breath increasing with the physical and intimate excitement.

I laying back as her mouth moves from my lips down my neck leaving a trail of kisses along my chest until she has reached breasts covering a quickly and heavily pounding heart. My moans let you know I have had the first of many orgasms as her lips brush first one then the other nipple.

There is no way for you to understand how the air feels on them after she licks each one before moving down. Lightly kissing my belly while her fingers continue to tease my still very hard nipples.

She moans feeling how smoothly shaved I am as she spreads my legs apart. She kisses my clit making my body explode again with pleasure.

Her hands have moved away from my breasts to part my other pair of lips. I eagerly await the feel of her lips and tongue, and as though reading my mind she kisses me deeper than she had my mouth. I feel her sucking the juices from me that flow freely.

Her tongue enters me and my body shivers with delight. My fingers become tangled in her hair as I keep her in place. Keeping her mouth, lips, tongue pleasuring me. Pressing her against me as I reach still more orgasms.

Her tongue is replaced by one finger, then another, and still another. My hips move in matching rhythm of her. Have I cum again? Of course. Her hand is being covered in my fluid making her thrusting fingers slide ever easier in and out of me.

Without warning I hear the gasp as my lungs quickly fill with air. She has surprised me. She has replaced her fingers with the dildo that is at least fourteen inches long. Almost as this as you are.

It slides into me easily, and of course I release still more fluid. I secretly wonder if I can take much more pleasure. My body reminds me that I can as I take each thrust of it into me. Deeper. Harder. Faster.

The sound of my orgasms are quickly drowned out by the two of you sitting in chairs across the room. You have noth been watching. You have both been stroking. You have both reached orgasm allowing the hot fluid of your eruptions to fall onto towels on the floor.

I know I have taken more than enough of her time. It is my chance to return the favor and pleasure her.

Still you both must sit back and watch. No interfering. No talking. No touching anyone but yourself.

You must wait until we have finished with each other before we can think of you, but you are patient. You sit back and watch.

03218mike 53M

8/13/2005 3:07 am

I give it an A+

fxson8 54M

10/13/2005 10:10 am

I am new to this and I have been reading a few hours of thoughts and I have cum to the conclusion that we do have alot of sex addicts out there ...lol I love it ...Keep up the great work....Fxson8

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