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5/12/2005 5:34 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Finishing the semester I'm only able to wish vainly that at least part of my finals would involve wrapping my full lips around the head of your hardness. Tasting every inch of your sweetness as I proceed with the most pleasurable test.

Feeling that flutter of excitement in my belly knowing that in passing this test I will have my body warmed from the inside out as you fill my mouth with your juice. A juice so sweet to taste, so warm to feel going down my throat.

You allowing me to prolong the test, sucking you until you have grown hard again. Expanding the test sliding my body up your until the head of you is pushing into my wetness. Building in me a fire we both know will never be extinquished no matter how many times you hose me down.

If only taking you were my exam. Would I pass?

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