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7/7/2005 5:04 am

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Not often are my dreams remembered, but those that are leave my body and mind hungering for the warm taste of you as you fill my mouth.

Nipples erect from the lightest touch of your fingers. Feeling the moistness of me. Ready to take you in. Eager to take you in.

Your fingers teasing me. The ticklish gliding of them across my lips. You know I want you to slide them into me, but you don't. You make me wait.

Your lips moving from my neck to the fullness of my breasts. Using your tongue like your fingers, teasing nipples aready hard.

At once you suck a nipple into your mouth as you plung several fingers deep into me. I don't have to see the look on your face to know you're pleased at having made me cum so quickly and easily.

My fingers grip you tightly. My nails bury themselves into your flesh, and I know you are far from done with me.

The weight of you on top of me. Your hips between my legs. The head of your hardness against my very wet lips. I am more than ready to have you. You are what I have been craving for so very long.

My body explodes. You are soaked in my juice as you fill me completely. I think to myself: no one has ever made my body feel this way before.

I am frightened by it, but I want more. You make me crave more. You have me where you want me.

Flat on my back, legs eagerly spread, you between them thrusting yourself into me. Making my body and mind aware of what it's like to be a woman. What a pleasure that is.

Now to begin the dream of feeding your hunger.

rm_bm269 57M/49F

8/13/2005 1:02 pm

well let us show you how to have his cock in you and have her eat you all the same time! LAter: Barry

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