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7/6/2006 5:48 pm

The gentle breeze just took the edge off the heat as he sat at a pavement table reading a paper. A movement caught his eye, he looked up and saw a vision. Her hair was moving gently as she strode confidently towards him. Her thighs outlined by the light shining through her flimsy shirtwaister dress. Their eyes met.

She sat opposite him, called the waiter and ordered her drink. Taking a book from her bag, she read as she sipped at the long cool lemonade. She felt his eyes on her as she drained the last of her drink.

He paid the bill and, leaving his paper on the table, he walked down the street. She followed. He turned into an alley. She followed. Once he reached the shadows, he stopped and she walked up to him. He took her hand and turned her, gently pushing her against the wall.

His huge hand held her slender wrists above her head. She felt cool air on her thighs as his hand slid up her thigh, lifting her dress.

Looking into her eyes he saw them widen as his hand brushed across her flimsy panties. she shuddered and a low moan escaped from her lips.

His fingers moving faster now between her legs. Her panties getting wetter. He released her hands and she wrapped her arms round his neck. Two hands now under her dress. She felt a sharp tug on her knickers. They ripped and slid down her legs. She heard the sound of a zip.

Sliding his hands under her tight bum he lifted her. Her legs went round his waist. His fingers held her open and she felt him slide into her.

No sooner was he inside her that he began a strong pounding rhythm. Long hard thusts into her. Her back scratched by the movement against the rough wall.

His hands moved to the neck of her dress and buttons flew as he ripped it open. She screamed with pleasure as his mouth fastened on her nipple and he sucked greedily.

She felt him sputing inside her and she groaned loudly as another orgasm coursed through her.

Finally spent he slipped from her. He zipped himself up and smiled at her. Taking a last look at her, stood aginst the wall, breasts bare, hair tousled, and a sheen of sweat on her flesh, then walked away.

She felt the results of their passion running down her thighs.

Her eyes followed him as he walked away and she saw three men walking down the alley, unzipping themselves.

He was sat at home when she returned. She told him every detail of the three men, and what they had done to her.

He took her in his arms, kissed her tenderly.

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