The Adventures Of CyberBeef - Ep. 2 Incident At The Broohaha  

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9/30/2005 11:14 pm

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The Adventures Of CyberBeef - Ep. 2 Incident At The Broohaha

It’s late now and I can feel it… The hot breath of Destiny beating against my conscience and permeating my soul. It’s been so long since I’ve been here; it feels like an eternity… I stand in still silence for what seems like forever and then I freeze up; my hands become cold and clammy. Sweat beads on my forehead as I realize that this is more than I can handle right now. After all I was but a lowly citizen on patrol and this was but a dream for me; a fantasy for the chosen to choose. I take a step back, taking extra precaution not to bump into the innocent bystanders behind me, and then I turn and walk away; I need a moment to assess. I run to the lavatory and I run the water: I run the thoughts through my head as I splash the cooling liquid on my face. “Snap out of it!” I say to myself as I slap my right cheek as in effigy to Cher. I’ve been here dozens of times; what’s the matter now? I think back to my fellow citizens who were once standing right where I just was; the looks on their faces as they realize that this is it and there’s no going back. I see them making the all-too-real choice and then walking away; some to the door… Others to the window seat. It’s never as easy as it seems on TV. I, CyberBeef, stand here in the mirror and I try to gain my composure. Could this be a setup? A feeble attempt by some unseen force to glean what I was made of? Is this a test of my manhood? Lord knows men have historically had trouble getting direction even when it was right in front of their faces. I cannot let this get to me: I cannot stray. This is bigger than me now. This is not a game… I wash my hands one more time; symbolically washing away the residue of uncertainty and I then go to the hand dryer. I turn it upward to my face in order to dry the wetness; dry away the hesitation. As my face dries clarity appears as the droplets disappear and confusion is now replaced by certainty. I have confidence and vigor to replace the nervousness and fear. I’m sure now… This is my time now… I stride confidently out of the lavatory a new man; a Citizen On Patrol. My shoulders back and my back straight I hold my head up high. I confront my demons head on and am not afraid to let loose the words I knew one day had to be heard once again…

‘I’ll have the medium Chicken Fries, Angus Cheddar Bacon Ranch Burger with extra sauce, medium Hi-C orange drink and a chocolate sundae pie.’

… I’m CyberBeef… And these are my tales….

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