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grendle69 42M
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9/20/2005 11:27 pm

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7/14/2014 11:59 pm

Honestly Speaking

Greetings AdultFriendFinder enthusiasts. I'm writing my first blog and dedicating it to the dishonest members on this site. The proverbial 'brothers and sisters Grimm.' I have been a member for quite some time now and it seems to me there are several false constants which must be addressed. Both men and women are guilty and need to be called out:

Fake Profiles - How many times, fellas, have you come across a profile with a beautiful pic listed therein and a profile that reads like gold (which, in most cases, ironically lacks in their membership level) only to reply and immediately receive afterwards a fake response email to your personal client asking you to click a link or join another site? How many times, ladies, have you seen a male member profile with a pic and looked closely to see the trim lines of a television and the static on screen to boot or a 'dick pic' that is showing what can be only be compared to a shoestring potato? These are the fakes: People who post what they dredge off the internet only to trick you into posting up your pics in spam-idol sacrifice or giving away your credit card information to wendy-whoppers.com! Please refrain from joining this site unless you're comfortable with what this site requires and what you've really got under the hood...

False Promises - My biggest pet peeve is doing what I say and saying what I do. Why are there members on here (who will remain nameless) who make unecessary promises that they unltimately do not keep? Now let's clarify: I have read several blogs from women on the subject of not being obligated to meeting any male that writes them. I agree with this and am not stating the opposite. I am, however, concerned with the women who 'do' reply and even make an arrangement to meet only to not show up and not call, email, IM, SMS, page, carrier pigeon, snail mail, or even flag signal to explain or apologize. Women demand respect on AdultFriendFinder from it's male members and ask for them to be honest: I think they should be held to the same standard. If you say you're going to do something - do it; or an easy alternative would be to not promise it in the first place... Epiphany? I think so....

Testimonials - Another peeve; what is the big deal with testimonials? If you leave a comment on someone's profile page it's kudos but it's not mandatory. You shouldn't have to feel obligated to leave one and should not offer to unless it is truly your intent. I call it an unecessary lie and a reason to cut ties with that person. Why promise to leave a testimonial on your profile page only to not do it and then supply the half-ass excuse of, 'I'm a standard member so I can't.' Fact: Standard members can leave testimonials as long as they are in that member's network. Furthermore it kind of makes you look ignorant when you blatantly later post a testimonial on someone else's profile soon after making up the lie. Just be truthful members. It can lead to a great experience on AdultFriendFinder.

Illiteracy - This has been brought up several times but I must reiterate. If you post an ad that "rids leik u ddnt gradiate frum shool" then you may not get many responses. If you post an ad of 5 words or less (including ladies) I, at least, won't message you; can't speak for the intellectually desparate on this site... There is more to AdultFriendFinder then the genetalia members; show you have a brain as well.

Megalomania - We HAVE to cover this one! Members: If you have an 11" penis or feminine beauty that would make Halle Berry herself turn bi and stalk you please still keep things in perspective. We are all members here and it's our diversity that makes us unique. A site of everyone looking the same just wouldn't be alternative; now would it? Those of use who arent 6 foot something or Callista Flockharts' in weight really don't need or appreciate the put-downs and negative commentary.

This is my rant. Feel free to respond. Peace and Blessings.

wyvernrose 38F
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9/21/2005 12:34 am

I am inclided to agree entirely except for the standard members leaving testimonials part if they can't view profiles how do they leave testimonials????


grendle69 42M
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9/21/2005 10:31 pm

Good question. Standard members will be able to leave testimonials for any member who's network they are a part of; just as they get access to that member's photo album and view their pictures. Thus the benefit of adding a standard member to your network however I only addressed that aspect to bring light to another facet of falsehood on AdultFriendFinder: I personally don't feel they're mandatory but if you meet with a person and, after a favorable encounter, wish to leave a testimonial then by all means; just be honest about it....

BenefitsFriend69 57M/60F

9/22/2005 10:01 am

Grendle, "word up!". I have a few more:

- Wink/email then no-reply: Someone winks at or emails you, showing that they're interested. You write a nice email back, and nothing; it stops there. What the F???

- Teasers: People who have no intention of meeting anyone, yet tease and write and lead-on and act as though they do. When it comes down to meeting, they always have an excuse. Similar to what you've posted, but these are the ones who do this completely intentionally. I have no problem with people being on here with no intention of meeting anyone, because it's a lot of fun. Just say so.

- Elaboration on faking: people lying about their marital status with the explicit intent of deception. Bad karma, stay away from me!

- Elaboration on testimonials: this may be just my peeve, but why do people write testimonials when they've never met someone? Like, "she's really hot can't wait to meet her." ? Tells us nothing.. I say, only write a testimonial if you’ve met someone.

- Chat room clique attackers: Yeah, I know you all love each other and bond together. But really, you're not all that..

Welcome to blog land. Better get into a 12-step blog program now..


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