Close Encounters of the "Third" Kind  

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7/19/2006 10:23 am

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Close Encounters of the "Third" Kind

I had gone to the local grocery store to check out the weekly sales. It was in the middle of the day and so the store was nearly empty. In the produce section there was a beautiful-looking woman wearing a black leather mini skirt. She was holding up a cucumber in one of her hands.

As I passed by she turned and asked if I could answer a question for her. She wanted to make a nice salad and wondered if the cucumber she was holding was too big. I said I had heard that large cucumbers tended to not be very tasty.

The conversation led to small talk and she finally asked me to come over to her place for a drink. I explained that my wife would not be too happy about it. She explained that my wife would not mind me having one little drink. I said ok and agreed to meet her in the parking lot. Her name was Susan. She had a killer body.

She came out with no shopping bags which I thought was a little odd. She then told me to follow her to her house. The house was close by and as we got out of our cars she motioned me to follow her around to the side gate. It was a large and beautiful house with a well-kept yard. We entered through a large wooden gate with arbor.

As the gate closed she turned to me and held up something. It was a pair of white panties. She saw that I had a worried look on my face. She told me that nobody could see us through the flowers and sweet-smelling vines winding their way around the arbor. Susan explained she took off the panties in the car because they made her hot. She hiked up the black mini skirt to reveal her naked body. Her inner thighs were wet with something. I then realized she was wet from her own pussy juices.

Susan moved closer to me and asked me if I wanted to "clean" her up. I said yes. She pushed me down to my knees and I was face to face with her sweet-smelling pussy. Susan spread her legs apart and I began to lick the wet juices from her inner thighs. Both of us began to sweat as the summer humidity and heat beat down.

I stood up and gave Susan a passionate and deep kiss. She took me by the hand and led me inside to what appeared to be a large den. Susan told me where the licquor was and asked that I make us a drink while went to the bathroom. Two Jack Danield coming up. I made the drinks then walked over to the large couch and sat down.

Susan came out from the back completely naked. I almost dropped my drink she was so beautiful and tan. She took a long sip of her drink and then asked me to take my cloths off. She began helping me and I was naked too within seconds. She told me to lay back and grabbed my cock in her hand. Susan then moved her wet and warm mouth over the head of my cock. She licked it for a few minutes then moved over the cock's shaft and then down.

I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Something moved. As Susan continued to suck me off I turned to see a man standing behind us smiling. I almost jumped out of my skin. Susan stopped and with a smile introduced me to Tom, her husband! Susan and I stood up and I turned to meet him. As I turned to face him I was embarased because my cock was sticking straight up into the air. He looked at Susan and said, "Nice one hon."

He explained to me that Susan had gone out to find someone to have an afternoon threesome. After some more small talk Susan led me to the large master bedroom. There was a king-sized bed in the middle. She told me to lay down and she started off where she left off in the den on my cock. Tom came in and was naked now himself. He came up behind her and placed his huge cock into her still wet and dripping pussy.

So, there we were. Susan sucking my cock as Tom fucked her from behind. After awhile Tom pulled out of her and asked if she was ready to be our little slut. She looked up at him then at me with a coy smile on her face. She stood up and asked me if I had ever fucked a girl in the ass before. I said no but was willing to give it a try.

Tom moved around us and positioned himself on the bed. Susan stradled him and guided his cock into her warm and wet pussy. Looking back at me she winked and told me she was ready. Playing with her I asked if I could pleasure her little asshole first. She smile and gave me a little purr.

With Tom slowly fucking Susan and her cute little pink ass in the air, I moved up and began licking it with a wet tongue. Every now and then I would force my tongue into the small opening. She smelled so good and tasted sweet. I really enjoyed this as I know she did.

Susan wimpered that she needed me inside her. I positioned myself over her and she guided my cock inside her asshole. It went in a little hard at first but then her asshole relaxed and allowed my full cock to enter her. So Tom and I fucked our little slut Susan for quite a while. When we had exploded our sperm into her holes we pulled out and she sucked us both dry. Before leaving I layed her on her stomack and kissed and licked her starting with her neck and worked my way down the middle of her back, each ass cheek, and down both legs. I finished her off by licking around her asshole.

We said our goodbyes and promised to meet again for another descreet encounter. I had only been there for about a couple of hours. I gave Susan my cell phone number and told her to call me with her next fantasy. i had never enjoyed sex so much after that. It felt like something out of this world. I guess you could say it was a close encounter of the "third" kind.

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