Sunday School  

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6/26/2006 7:29 pm

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Sunday School

So we have been taking our son to Sunday School this week. We just moved to this community a couple months ago, so, in effort to get to know some people, we have been staying for the adult class. Tonight we had to act out scenes about Ester.

Once they told us we would have to act out a scene from the bible, I grinned. My group was me and 3 other guys. I said, "Giys, I hope you do not embarrass easily, because if you do, you will." (this is a good time to point out that none of these people know me, at least they did not until tonight.) They said they were game for whatever. I immediately got out a pad of paper and wrote a Andrew Loyd Webber musical about Ester.

Since I was the creator of the source of embarrassment, I thought it was fitting that I play the most embarrassing role, that of Ester herself. I sang in a voice WAY above my range, at the end of my solo, I approached stage front, "My people were sold. Sold to destruction, death... extermination," hanging my head as the last screeching word escaped my lungs, and a lone tear rolled down my cheek.

I am expecting a call from the Tony's any minute!!

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