I am not a big fan of the five-flavored eggplant.  

greentncouple 42M/42F
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7/28/2006 8:44 pm
I am not a big fan of the five-flavored eggplant.

I like most all food. The only two thinks I can not stand to eat ae anchovies and boiled okra. I always thought I would love anchovies, as I am a big fan of liking hat others do not, and I knew no one liked anchovies. I got some anchovies on my pizza one night in college. Because it was after sunset and I was in college, I was high as a kite.

I could only eat one piece. I thought, "I probably just do not like it because I am high. I will put it up and try again tomorrow." Well tomorrow came. I bit into another piece, then I had to admit defeat. I simply could not eat it. So I threw the box away and went on to work. That night I got some milk out of the refridgerator... it fucking tasted like fucking anchovies! WTF? I had to throw everything away.

With boiled okra, I love the taste, but I still can't eat it. It is way too much like trying to chew warmed snot.

There are a few foods though, that, though i CAN eat, I will choose not to in most circumstances. The most recent discovery on this list (about a year ago) is the five-flavored eggplant served nationwide at your local kitty-cat cuisine buffet. It is kinda like eating oddly-shaped and hollow soy crackers with an odd taste. It is tolerable, but I am not a huge fan.


On another note. Does anyone really find anything on AdultFriendFinder that they were looking for when they spent the money to open their account? We have not. There have been a few people we have talked to online, but no one much and nothing ever came of any of it... Not even a phone call. There is a poem or country/western song in there somewhere about the disappointment preceeded by joining AdultFriendFinder. twang

bicuriouspair 37M/36F

8/6/2006 1:14 am

Anchovies are in a lot more foods than people think. It's a key flavour in Worcestershire sauce and chex mix, for example.
As for AdultFriendFinder working out, it takes some patience, and some luck. try to find me/us online some night, maybe something could come of it?

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