5th of July and Children's Songs  

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5th of July and Children's Songs

The 5th of July... What a waste of a day! The last of the fireworks are shot at 11pm on July the 5th by people who do not even know what the celbratoin is all about. I try to sleep, tired from all the sunshine and booze on the 4th, but the damn bottle rockets don't want me to sleep... Arrrgggg! The lack of sleep is why it has been so long since I wrote.

The whole fireworks thing bugs me. Not that I am for big government, but I really believe the average Joe should not be able to go down to the corner, drop 50 bucks and come home with a duffle bag full of live amunition that his kids can aim at passing cars, while he gets drunk and fucks his sister.

Coming home from a friend's house the night of the 4th was like driving through a war ravaged territory. Empy shells laying everywhere, children running all over the streets with no parents. And, occasoinally, some of the parentless would launch a flaming sphere from the ditch where they were hiding, and the sphere would explode atop a car in front of behind me... craziness!


Ever think about how the maturity and development of a nation is eerily similar to the grownth and development of a man? I will use America as my example, but the same is true of ever nation I can think of.

In the first half of the 1800s America was a child. The rest of the world gave us candy (Statue of Liberty), and thought we were cute. Except, of course, for our dad, England. He kept trying to spank our ass while we were playing cowboys and Indians. Though we were thought of as cute, the rest of the world saw ua as a child, no real threat.

Then, we reached adolescence around 1860. We did not know who we were, we hated our pimples, we were scared of what others thought, we hated ourseves. Thus, the civil war. America survived that and limped into its 20s.

From 1900 - 1940s we were having a good time like and man in his early 20s. We were partying, dancing, enjoying life in our naivity, then... The Great Depression, or, as I like to call it, America's Great Quarter Life Crisis. So long naivity, welcome depressed disillusionment. America learned the world would not always be great, life is pain.

Like most men, after a breif period of sorrow, America said, "Fuck this." The "Fuck this" declaration is what led to the advent of the atomic bomb. It was when the young adult landed that kick ass job and told the "lowly" friends he use to play and bicker with (Mexico), they could no longer hang. America also told the girly man who lived next door (Canada), he could come visit and stuff, but not to ever expect respect.

That was when America set out to prove exactly how big and bad he was to the rest of the old frat boys. That is why America is so in everyone else's business, and flaunting his muscles.

I think around the year 2100, America will be getting his vasectomy, but in 2153 he will have it reversed, and there will be some retarded offspring between him and the new alien race that lands on Earth.


I love music and poetry. I write a new children's song nearly every day while playing with my kids. I decided today to make an album. My wife is an excellent musician, and I am an excellent wordsmith, so why not? Though, without the music, my songs do not look like much, some examples of lyrics are below, what do you think?

Tell you what I'm gonna do
and I'm gonna do it right now
I'm gonna look directly at you
and I'm gonna moo like a cow
moo (the moo is just spoken, sonds nothign like a cow; there is another verse for every animal that makes a sound. The result is a children's song longer than Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick

There are signs on the street
with words I can not yet read,
but the letters I recognize, and
my mind they will enlighten.
The signs will make sense to me.

I see mailboxes
I see mailboxes
We are driving down the road
and we see mailboxes.

hehehehe, I love life.

TheCliticals 34F/F

7/16/2006 6:04 am

England is an older woman who's children have all left home. Now she's joined a fitness club, had a makeover, and is looking for new adventures

greentncouple 42M/42F

7/16/2006 11:13 am

Thanks Dee and/or Sandy... I love metaphors!

SingleWarrior 52M

7/17/2006 11:04 pm

I beg to differ abut the 5th of July being a wasted day

It's my daughters birthday that day

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