The movie theatre  

greenroom12002 38M
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4/30/2006 4:46 am
The movie theatre

I pick her up from her house and we head out to the movies. While we are in the car we start chatting and making small talk. The next thing I know, she is stroking my crotch making my cock rock hard. After a few minutes she begins unzipping my pants and she pulls out my cock, which is starting to throb. She begins with a handjob. I pull up to the theatre parking and when I stop she goes down on me, licking my balls and sucking my cock. I moan in appreciation. She is really into it too...moaning and then she begins to rub her pussy. I get her to get up on the seat on her knees while she sucks me off and I reach up her skirt and begin to finger her juicy pussy. She begins to quiver and before too long we are both cumming. After a few moments catching our breath we head into the movies. After the lights go down she starts with another hand job. Again I get her up on her knees and she begins to suck me off again. After fingering her and getting her soaking wet again I recline my seat and push her body into a 69 position. Once she is in position i push her skirt up exposting her crotch. I tear her panties off of her and bury my face in her crotch. I eat her pussy and get my face full of juices. Then I push her forward and slide my cock into her pussy from behind while she begins to ride me(reverse cowgirl). She is leaning on the seat in front of us and she is really moving her hips and riding my throbbing cock hard. I begin reaching around to play with her huge titties and to finger her clit. I finally cum all inside of her and she moans. I'm not done yet though. Before I loose my woody, I pull out and turn her around to put it into her mouth again. She loves it and knows just what to do. She gets me harder than ever before and I thank her by turning her around and bending her over the seat in front of us and putting it in her ass. She lets out a moan and other movie goers start looking around. They don't see us fucking so we continue to enjoy ourselves. When I'm ready I pull out my cock and cum all over her ass and back. We both slump into our chairs exhausted. To my surprise, she is not done with me yet and once we get back to the car she starts sucking my dick once again, which leads to her riding me in the front seat of the car while I suck on her gorgeous titties.

Hope you like my fantasy. If you would like to act it out with me just let me know. I also would love to hear from other people about their fantasies too.

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