The Visit  

greenroom12002 38M
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6/1/2006 4:56 am
The Visit

I'm home alone watching tv when the phone rings. It is a friend of mine. She is married to a buddy of mine. She is home too and bored looking for something to do. I'm not up to anything so I tell her to cum by and we can hang out and watch a movie or something. She cums over and we sit on the couch and chat a while. I ask her what she would like to watch and we head into the guest room to look at the dvd selection. I am standing behind her and I'm checking out her ass while she is looking at the dvd's. There is quite a bit of sexual tension in the air as we talk about movies. She bends over to look at the bottom shelf and she 'accidently' bumps into my crotch. My cock starts to swell. I apologize to her for being in the way, but she says not to worry. It felt good to her. "Really" I say. She smiles and bats her sexy eyes at me. She settles on a movie and we head back to the living room. I sit on the floor to load the dvd and she cums up behind me. When I turn around my face is right in her crotch and I can see up her skirt. She is not wearing any panties and her pussy has been cleanly shaven. I wipe the drool from my lips and get up and go to the couch. She says that she needs to use the restroom before the movie starts. When she cums out of the bathroom she is wearing a crotchless teddy that she must have smuggled inside of her purse. It is lacy and red. Very sexy. I didn't see it at first, but she came up behind the couch and from behind me she started to rub my shoulders and kiss on my neck. I turned my head and she and I began to kiss very intimately. She began to rub on my chest and feel my muscles. She made her way to my crotch and then she unbuttoned my pants and took out my now it was hard as a rock. She slid over my shoulder and began to suck on my dick. It felt so great. I was beginning to feel a bit guilty since this is my friends girl. When I mentioned this to her she took my dick out of her mouth and told me ' I'm not planning on leaving my man, but I just can't control myself when you are around. Let's just keep this between us and we can have fun alone periodically.' I smiled and she continued to suck me off. I just relaxed and began to play with her tits. After a while I began to finger her pussy and bite on her ass. Since we were practically in a 69 position I finally just put her legs on either side of my head and i buried my face in her pussy. It was so wet and juicy. I had her cum all over my face in no time. She swallowed my load and then sucked on my balls and tongued my ass. Once she was able to get my cock good and hard again, I pushed her down towards my coffee table so that I could get my cock inside of her pussy. With her legs she was able to get her body moving pretty well, and my dick was throbbing again. I was spanking her sexy ass until I was ready to cum. I pushed her off of me so I could cum all over her ass and back. I was getting worn out, but she still wanted more. I had her suck me off some more, and once I was ready I had her bend over the couch so I could fuck her deep in her ass. She moaned over and over as she had multiple orgasms. When I finally worked out another nut of my own, she begged to have a facial. I was more than happy to oblige. After we were done i got out my camera so that i could take some sexy pictures of her. She liked posing for me and promised to bring her camcorder with her the next time she was able to cum by for a visit. We never did see a movie that day, but I suppose that gives us a reason to get together again. I can't wait. My cock grows rock hard just thinking about it.

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