My evil twin needs a voice  

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5/16/2005 7:42 am

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My evil twin needs a voice

I figured I would give my evil twin a life and let her post a little blog. LOL, if anything I’m just using up more of this friendly sites space.

This is what is confusing the poor girl tonight.

I posted a bunch of comments earlier today. While I was on the obsolete lap top earlier this evening, by the way that computer is set up in the kitchen for web searching when the kids are doing homework under moms watchful eye. This computer is so obsolete it won’t even let me open you who. But that is another story...

Anyway back to my useless non structured lacking substance and meaning post tonight being done by my evil twin…. What was I talking about???

Oh yeah

OK, I was on the obsolete laptop and I opened up the url to this friendly site to see IF, now we all know IF is a big word. Here I go again… IF my post and comments had stuck. Since I was not logged on it showed that the post was approved, updated or what ever the #uck this site does to take 8 hours to get something to show but my comments were nowhere to be seen. #hit, %uck *amn this site!

Now that most everyone in my happy home are tucked into bed...ok let me rephrase that, now that my son is in his room cussing out his friends on Halo 2 live, daughter is in her room flirting with her boyfriend on her laptop and dear sweet husband is in bed I came upstairs to my computer to log onto this friendly site.

When I logged on and went to the blogs where I left some comments my comments show up.

Me thinking...does this mean the comment did not find it’s way to the graveyard and maybe within three days it will show up on the person blog?

Since I have such an exciting life and I am old I decided to run a few test. I closed up everything, cleared my cache file (on my computer of course since I don’t know how to hack into this friendly sites files). Then I logged back on. Well, not yet..I’m still writing this post..hold on, let me log on.... OK, then I logged on went to expatbrit49 blog and it still shows my comment.

BUT when I log on via the url without logging on, now isn’t that confusing for the non-computer smart people, it still does not show my comments.

Me this a way to tell IF our comment stuck. That is of course if you understood anything I said here.

This message was brought to you by greeneyesatl05 evil twin sister.

She’s not really evil; she’s just confused and doesn’t make sense at times.

Maybe she is more confused then I thought. I swear she posted this last night.

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