The dreaded "First Post"  

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7/7/2006 12:13 pm
The dreaded "First Post"

When you start something new you always need to start it off on the right foot. It needs to be fantastic to set everyones expectation high so they will come back. Well if it's quality you're looking for you may have come to the wrong place. I'll let you get to know me and my sense of humor then you can decided if I need to quit or keep going.

As expected i'm only having marginal luck meeting anyone on the site. I think the odds are like 300 guys to 1 girl, so from that point of view I'm doing great! I've always had success picking women up in person, but as of this writing have failed to close the deal online. Perhaps it's the insulting picture you're having to look at as you read this. When I get home I'm going to take down the dick pic and see if it helps my replies.

I have a fantasy that I would like to try and live out through this website. I would like to be with a black woman. I find black women extremly attractive and very, very sensual. I value intelligence, flirting, self-confidence and black women exude each of these qualities. There are white girls in my age group that have these qualities, but they are already married. Somewhere in my lifetime the mentally stable, comfortable in her own skin, curvy white woman went out of style and now they are seem to be on a quest to be as thin as paris hilton or lindsey lohan and just about as crazy. I think the cutoff age for this type of compulsive behavior is about 33 and under. But again I'm off my point and on a soapbox, let's move on.

AdultFriendFinder seems to be a great place to share knowledge, learn some new tricks, and maybe do a little flirting. Anything other than that I guess should be considered a pleasant surprise.

I've read some other blogs and advice columns and agree there are some very smart and experienced people out here. I can also tell you, from my own experiences vs. what I read, there are alot of people that don't know anything about My favorite thing is to open up and ask a question or opinion of someone. People love to tell you what they think. I think the blog with the most hits is the one with the most inflamatory statements and questions.

Again back to AdultFriendFinder, I'm surprised at the lack of "gumption" by some of the long time members to start hosting AdultFriendFinder parties. Stay with me a minute, since this seems to be a great place to share everything but a bed, why not have a by invitation only AdultFriendFinder social at a local hotel conference room. Set up wireless access to the net and have 10 people invite their friends list to a costume/masquerade/cum as you are get together where you can share stories in person while surfing AdultFriendFinder. Might be great, might be a flop. never know.

Well I think this is a long enough ramble for the first blog, nothing special, but hopefully not boring. If it was boring,and your a female, I invite you to reread this article while your sitting on my face....I guarantee it'll end with a

Have a great weekend fellow AFFers!

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