CDC sex study  

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9/16/2005 10:33 am

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CDC sex study

I have been hearing a lot about the results of a recent sex study which has been billed as "The Most Comprehensive Sex Study of Americans ever Made"

The survey was created by The CDC's National Center for Health Statistics.

One of their most suprising findings was that 14 percent of Women in their late teens and early 20's have had sexual contact with a member of the same sex.

Based on this information, there can only be one person to blame for this terrible decline in American sexual ideology....

Janet Jackson!

This is absolute and unquestionable proof that her nipple's are the most dangerous things in America today. Dare we call them... NMC's (Nipples of Mass Corruption!) We're just lucky she only managed to get one of them out.

As a white man, I feel it is my duty to my country to bring Janet's NMC's to light. But I do have a solution that may very well stop this epidemic.

We must encourage other celebrities to get naked on television!

Since impressionable young women obviously find Janet's NMCs' irresistable, we must find the antidote. Perhaps we can find the right naked celebrity, or combination of naked celebrities to get them back.

It might be a George Clooney - Barbara Walters combination

Or Brad Pitt - Roseanne Barr

We Will never know until we try. We must get this initiative started as soon as possible!

So call your Governor, write a letter to the President, go knocking on doors if necessary. Let America know that for the future propagation of mankind, we must get as many celebrities naked as possible.

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