What I need  

graywalker 44M
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5/23/2006 9:18 pm
What I need

I need a partner. An Equal. A Woman whom I can love and who can love me. Someone who can accept my love and all the things I give to my mate - without thinking me weak for being generous and loving. Someone who can let me stand in front of them and protect them. Someone who can Stand beside me and fight tooth and nail and stand their own ground. Someone who can give me a shoulder to lean on and arms to hold me when I am weak and down - without being resentful or giving up on me. Someone who likes sex - and especially sex with me, and doesn't think sex is just for right-before-sleep. Someone who will listen to me when I speak - and hear what I say ( or don't ). Someone willing and able to compliment me, not want to control me, nor want me to control them. Someone willing to make an effort for me, at least as much as I make for them. Someone who is willing to try to Understand me and if they can't understand, then accept me for who I am. Because I will Love and Accept them because of who they are - not the masks they wear. I will urge them to follow their heart and always be true to themselves. I will not control nor manipulate nor coerce someone's love - it shall be given feely and accepted gratefully, but never controlled or demanded. I will give them love, respect and indulgence - and expect the same in return.

Is that too much to ask?

hissecretdream07 49F
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1/7/2007 1:02 pm

It must be because I'm having trouble finding something similar. I want a partner who is my partner. I want the person that I am connected to to be the most important person in my life. I have trouble understanding women who would rather go out with girlfriends or watch tv or whatever than to spend time with their husband. And men who would rather golf or hunt or fish or play poker. I mean, some time apart is good but it just seems that most people don't connect in a solid way. It's like their romantic connection isn't as important as their job and friends and hobbies.

Anyway, I'm just venting. I just can't figure out why most people want something so different than I want.

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