Diaries of a Mad Addict  

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3/29/2006 12:11 pm

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Diaries of a Mad Addict

I thought the title was pretty cool for this post. Being an addict, I have learned how to appreciate the simple things in life like having electricity, food, and shelter. Yesterday, was my day off and I really had a good day. I went to Wall-mart and bought me a nice souround sound with subwoofer for my computer. Now I can listen to all my music in style. I attended a couple of NA meetings yesterday as well. One thing that keeps comming up is my everlasting need for sex. I am horny all the time. I think I had about 5 orgasisms yesterday. Most of them was while watching porn on the internet. I really don't want to substitute one addiction for another. However, I have always had a big sexual drive. The funny thing is I have a hard time cumming while having sex with a woman. I usually cum after sex through masterbation. I always seem to want to make the woman cum more than myself. I have had problems in relationships because the woman thought she wasn't doing good in bed. When in fact, it really felt good. Not sure why this happens. I can tell you this the only two women I have cum with were the two that I really loved. So maybe feelings have a lot to do with it or maybe it just gets better through time.

It is hard to find a balance in life when you have a disease called addiction. Anything that feels good can become a problem in my life if I am not careful. It has been awhile since I have had a woman in my bed. I sure miss it! I keep hoping to meet someone on here, but most members are standard members like myself. Therefore, even though I get winks, I can't respond or contact them.

I am still very excited about returning to college. I have about a year left for my BA. I have to take three classes on databases. For some reason databases have always given me trouble. I would think I would be good at it since I am a very organized person. I found that one of my best subjects is project management. Anyhow, yesterday went well and I am off today too. I plan on going to the mall to get some shoes for work as my picky toe has been hurting me lately. I got a Web cam yesterday too. I love playing with it. Yesterday, I jacked off while others watched. I found that to be very exciting. Hope that isn't addicting too, lol. I am attaching a current photo of me right now.

Don't wear a mask, be yourself! Peace out, David.

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