I've found the secret...  

graphman2000 42M
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8/13/2005 9:38 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I've found the secret...

...to getting people to read your blog. Just place any sex-related word in the title and there you go - BOOM! - sudden exposure.

Anyway, today is a day where there isn't much happening, but I figured I would post in my blog anyway.

Yes, I know that I am a wretched pig for wanting to cheat on my wife. I've never done anything yet - I haven't even met another woman for coffee. I actually just kind of like the thrill of looking and I'm not certain what I'd do if some woman offered.

I suppose if I had been more sexually active as a youngster I probably wouldn't be here right now wondering what it would be like to be with a woman who is more sexually compatible with me.

So, the options are cheat or leave and both are equally up in the air. Cheating just happens to have more of an adrenaline rush tied to it.

And that's this pig's soapbox moment for the day.

ANewLevel4Us 38M/37F

8/13/2005 10:40 am

Have you tried asking your wife to indulge your fantasies, or explore hers? There has to be a solution to expanding your sex life with the one you are committed to. Opening up and discussing these things is the only thing that saved my husband and I from splitting. I was so wrapped up in being a parent and housewife that I stopped enjoying time with him and myself. Once I decided that I would rather not lose him to another woman, and started exploring things that aroused me with the person I am with (and who I chose to be with for a reason) then things changed drastically. Good luck. Try talking to her.

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