Somebody broke into my car!  

gr8jeepin 45M
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7/13/2006 7:50 am
Somebody broke into my car!

So someone broke into my truck at the golf course last night.. broke a window!

Stole the radar detector.. satellite radio.. cell phone.. a checkbook.. some change.. and my shoes! Maybe other stuff too.. nothing of significant value.
Ironically they moved my laptop case to get in... but they did not take it.

But used shoes? They weren't special.. just some plain brown leather shoes.. business casual..

But what the F*@% are they doing with my shoes?

I already called and switch my cell phone service to my old cell phone.. (I got a Razr model about 6 months ago and still had my old phone)

I called the bank and put everything on hold, so I could go in there today and keep from losing any funds..

So if you see a pair of used brown leather shoes on ebay.. (size 11) for sale in Kansas City. Let me know.. Maybe I can buy my old shoes back?

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