I want you...  

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6/5/2006 8:45 am

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I want you...

I want you alone.

Go find yourself a quiet, private place. I don't want you being disturbed, not for a second. Choose somewhere comfortable. Perhaps some place with a window, so that the rays of the afternoon sun can find you, warm you, caress your skin. Or your bedroom after the sun has set, when the sinful darkness reigns and pools around your soft bed. I want you in a place where you can relax, where you can let yourself go. A place where you can close your eyes, and see your fantasies.

I want you naked.

Take everything off. Everything, except for your panties. Choose a style and a colour that is you, something that makes you feel desirable and femminile. Please, take your time. I don't want you having to rush. I want you to unveil yourself gradually, with quiet deliberation. Do it in front of a mirror if one is there. Allow your gaze to linger over your body. I want you to see yourself, to see everything. Undress yourself just as I want to undress you, as I would undress you, if I were there.

I want you aroused.

Open your mind to every lustful, licentious thought you've ever had, every shameless desire that's ever found its way into your psyche. Find the fantasy that excites you most right now. Hold onto it. Now explore it. Use your imagination to touch it, to taste it, to breathe it in. View it from every conceivable angle. Discover it in ways you've never dreamed of before. Live it.

And when you're ready, when desire burns within you, when the urge to caress yourself, to trail your fingertips over your smooth skin, the gentle slopes of your breasts, the swelling lips of your sex, when that urge is maddening, irresistible, then give in to it. Surrender yourself to it. Touch yourself, slowly, delicately, knowingly. Touch yourself for me. Touch yourself as you want me to touch you, as I yearn to touch you.

I want you to cum.

But not right away. I want you to remember this peak, to remember me along with it. Let your orgasm build. Coax it, nurture it. Tease yourself with the promise of it, and then allow it to gently subside, to drift away from you, until it is exasperatingly close and yet a galaxy away. Feel the need for release simmer inside you, the deliciously agonising current building within you, wave upon wave of expectant hunger. And when your need is overwhelming, when you can't bear to wait any longer, then let go; touch yourself so that your orgasm explodes within you, envelops you, carries your mind far from your trembling body. And when you do come, when that first surge of pleasure crashes through you, over you, drowning you, think about me; think about me in the room with you, watching you when you come. Think about me making you come myself, with my fingers, my lips, my tongue, my cock. Think about how you make my cock hard, instantly, every time. Think about the way you've made me want you.

I want you to let me breathe you in.

Surely you knew, deep down? You must have suspected. Why else would I have asked you to keep your panties on? I want them next to you as your lustful thoughts stir you, arouse you. I want them pressed tight against your cunt when you come. I want them to absorb you; to be drenched in your desire, to be infused with your secret scent. And then I want them packaged and mailed them to me, so that I might touch them as well, finger the soft material that has touched you. So that I can inhale your perfume. So that I can take some small edge off the maddening flames of desire that burn within me.

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