First Motorcycle Ride  

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6/15/2006 11:46 am
First Motorcycle Ride

We were closely in front and I behind. Betweenour legs there pulsed a 500 pound mass of steel and chrome sitting upon two black balloon tires. I couldn't imagine that at my advanced age I was finally going to take my first
motorcycle ride. Needless to say, my excitement was tempered by a slight feeling of anxiety and trepidation, but I put my faith, trust and life in your hands knowing that you were the skilled tamer of this purring beast.

"Hold on tight" you said, "It might get a little bumpy and I don't want you to slip."

With that warning, I cinched up my arms another notch around your waist not only to enjoy your closeness, but primarily to hang on for dear life.

With a roar, the purring pussy turned into a raging panther and sprang forward as you slipped the clutch and accelerated.

An immediate elation filled my body as I realized that I was speeding down the drive with nothing but air between me and ground.

You had told me that since this was my first experience with you, we would take to the virgin forest trails and at a relatively slow speed, and just enjoy the moment. In this remote area
the population was sparse and there was little chance of meeting travelers on the trail.

I marveled at how very close I was to nature...the trees whizzed by like blurry posts and my eyes could not focus on them. I felt like I was flying three feet above the ground
with the wind rushing by my ears. Strands of your hair whipped back and tickled my nose. Each little bump and rut telegraphed its size to me through my rump. Above our heads, the sun flickered through a lush canopy of green and created a flashing effect like many tiny flashbulbs exploding at the academy awards.
The wild flowers recoiled at the approach of our machine and bent backwards in self-defense, only to be dusted by the fine silt billowing behind the bike.

As you slowed down and parked beside the trail, I felt a certain sense of relief and a moment of pride that I had, so far, experienced and survived my first ride. Gingerly I dismounted, testing the ground to make sure it was stable and that I was still in one piece.
I followed you down a narrow path, carrying your small wicker basket, until we found a small clearing beside a crystal clear pond. A narrow stream gurgled over the mossy rocks and momentarily tarried in the pond before continuing
its journey to the sea. You spread out your blanket in a level spot and I was overwhelmed by the absolute beauty which I beheld.

After nibbling a while on assorted cheeses, crudités, pickles and dark bread, and sipping sweet apple cider,we tested the temperature of the pool with our toes and immediately
decided that we could not go any further until the water was a little warmer. We laid down, side by side, on the blanket, and absorbed the silence of nature....birds calling far
overhead...a bee buzzing from flower to flower collecting its nectar for the day....the rustle of the tall grass and leaves as gentle warm breezes passed by. Staring into the
deep blue sky, we tried to pick out images in the passing a dog...there an old a young girl.

Time passes quickly when you have fun, and we didn't realize that the sun was slowly drooping in the west and shadows were growing longer. In the deep underbrush, adventurous fireflies had already turned on their blinking running
lights and were flitting about. Evening was slowly approaching and, as all good things must come to an end, we decided it was time to return.

"It's going to be a bit chilly on our ride back,
don't you think." I said.

You turned, glanced at me with a quizzical expression and an impish grin and said, "I guess this time we should put on our clothes for the ride home."

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