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6/29/2006 2:15 pm

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Moving along

On this new little adventure, I have to say, it's getting hot in here.

My girl and I just had made up sex, and were totally being turned on by the fact that we BOTH have profiles now. Yeow! Anyone who guesses who she is get's free oral/blow! lol

she was going down on me and I started thinking about this one gorgeous girl on here who's got a profile with butterfly wings and like's playing vamp with her boy toys.

i asked her to bite me, she was riding me hard and leaned down on my chest, pulling my next into her mouth and nibbled.

i told her no, really bite it. then she did. oh, i could feel my fangs growing, mouth arching open as little fire tingles ran through my head. it was soooo hot.

the best part was, we snuck it in right before i had to head out the door to a client meeting and when i got there the women i was meeting with was like, "is that a hickie?"

Sure enough, there it was.

her husband was there to, he look over with little puppy eyes and said, "awww, i haven't had one of those since the 8th grade."

turns out that yawns aren't the only things that are contagious. lol

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