if u received this email what be your reply?  

gotimagination 48F
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11/18/2005 8:05 pm

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if u received this email what be your reply?

Getting out of work early on a Friday and having
Saturday and Sunday to spend alone. Going to house to leave my car, so we can head the beach. You are waiting in the jeep to leave. I throw my bag in the back and off we go.

I only have on a skirt with thigh highs. You have the access that pleases you (and me). I put my back to the door and flash my lips at you. You wet you lips,mmm. I want you to touch me but of course you drive me crazy by not doing nothing.

We get on 95 heading to Myrtle Beach. We decide to eat once we get there. I being the perfect lady slide my skirt up more and you just keep talking about anything. I reach over and play with your thigh. Slowly rubbing up and down, farther up. MMM so hard, I bend over and undo your button - damn I hate them - and zipper. Slide your nice hard cock out, stroking slowly. I bend over and lick up the side. Caressing the balls, and taking him into my mouth. Slowly up and down the shaft with hand in hair, I suck for awhile than put him back away.

try to kiss you but you stop me. "Please can I have a kiss?" You let me have few passionate deep kisses. Finally you lay mNow Im really wet from all the sucking. You slide
your hand up and make me quiver from your touch. You easily slide a finger in and I cum. Than you take and slide it in my mouth and make suck the juices off of it. Sliding it back in between my lower lips, getting it all wet. This time you get me to the point and take it back and lick it off yourself. We play back and forth most of the way there.

We stop at the hotel to check in and ask directions to someplace for dinner. I just want to go up to the room and finish what was started, but you make me wait. We have a good dinner and I consider being bad but the resturant is too bright, so I behave. We finish dinner and head back to the room. You back me up against the door of the jeep and slide your fingers in me and make me cum. Damn you have me sooo wet.

We grab our bags and head up to the room. The room has a king size bed and a hot tub. I just want to ripe our clothes off but you slowly undress me and than allow me to undress you. You pull my hair to the side and start sucking on my neck, damn you having me whimpering. I e down and enter me. It doesnt take long for both us to climax. I beg for you to cum deep inside and you thrust in as hard as possible - OH MY GOD!!!

We lay there cuddled together and take a nap. You
wake up with me rubbing oil on your legs moving
towards you feet. I ask you to rollover and start
again on your shoulders. I work on down your back, massaging your ass and thighs, down the calf back over you go. Paying special attention to your feet, the arch each toe and working back up the front of thelegs jumping up to the collar bone and working down sucking on your nipples. Than down to the wonderful cock that is pointing up to me. I switch oils to something more edible. MMM your are so tasty anyways. I massage your balls and slowly work the shaft. Than plunging my lips down the shaft. Tickling the crown with my tongue, and working it the best that I can. You take my head off and tell me to ride it. I lower the other lips down on it and ride. Why do you have to
feel so good inside? I pull all the way off and add some more oil to your cock and than slide your cock in my ass. You play with my nipples, pinching them and caressing the breast. Than sliding a finger or two in, you can feel me cum as I ride your cock with my ass. I can't keep a rythm, you flip me over and reenter me and damn my pussy just explodes on you and that sets you off.

We take a quick shower to clean up. Than I get to
curl up in your arms and pass out. I wake you up
around five, nicely with lips wrapped around. You know we have to go watch the sunrise over the ocean. We grab to blankets and head out to the beach. The motel has a rope off area and because its the off season we are alone. You start kissing me and that all it takes. We make love just before the sun makes its over the horizon.

We go back to the room and sleep. We go out for
brunch and walk around town for a little bit. Just
enjoying each others company. We decide we will go out to a little bar into for a drink, or two after dinner. We turned on the hot tub. You massage my neck and make me feel like heaven. I
become sleepy. I laid down to take a nap.

I wake up with a blindfold on, arms tied above my
head, one leg tied, and your head between my legs. I can feel an ice cube on my nipple and one on my clit. (I hope you are hard by now, because Im wet) You munch on me until I cum than you slide a cube in followed by your cock. You suck on the nipple that you made so cold. Damn you have me cumming one right after another and than you stop. You slide your cock into my mouth and fuck it. Than you pull it out and go away. I can hear you move around the room and than the door opens and shuts. I lay there thinking damn.
You come back after an eternity. I can feel something cold like a can against my neck. You ask if I would like a drink, you give me a sip of water. You bring out your toys and start playing with me sliding one in and taking it away or putting it on my clit. I finally can take no more and beg you to fuck me hard and you go away again.
You come back in the room and slide something into my mouth so I cant talk anymore. You flip my leg so you can slide in the side and fuck me the hardest you ever had. OH you feels so good. You finally start to cum and remove the gag and slide the tip of your cock to my mouth and cum all over my lips. You untie me and hold me close as the after shocks go through my body.

We get dressed to go for dinner and had to quiet bar with a band. The places are both in walking distance. So we both have a few drinks. We slow dance and just enjoy each other teasing each other with kisses and nibbles. We go back to the room and make slow gently love. Falling asleep cuddle close.

Waking up to the favor being return we op for the
balcony to watch the sun rise. Wrapped in a just a
blanket touching, kissing and caressing. We miss the rise but damn your rise feels so good slide in......

Okay would you atleast send a "HEY" back?

smackyman 46M
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11/18/2005 9:33 pm

Uh YEAH! - Hey!!!!

gotimagination 48F

11/19/2005 4:53 pm

Yes i did and nothing back.

ncwally35 47M

2/8/2006 3:46 am

damn,that made me rock hard,


3/16/2006 11:09 am

You would have a date for the upcoming weekend! That is a promise! Send it to me or something similar and find out.

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