Sound like fun?  

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11/19/2005 8:00 pm

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Sound like fun?

She is at the sink doing dishes in just a blouse and shirt. He moves up behind her. Slides his hands under the shirt and gently pinches her nipples. She tilts her head so he can nibble on her neck. She moans every so slightly. He presses his body against her and she can fell his hard cock pushing against her ass. She gets wet just knowing his that hard just because he wants her. She presses harder against his body. One hand continue to play with her nipple while the other slips up her skirt to reveal a bare bottom. He slides his hand around her hip to find her clit and she just about buckles but he braces her. If he could only understand all the things that his touch sets off, his attention sets her on fire. He takes his hand from her nipple and lets his cock out. She wants to turn around and get on her knees, but he keeps her pressed up against the cupboard. He uses his legs to separate hers. The slightly bends her over and slides his rock hard cock into her warm wet pussy. The first stroke makes all her pussy muscles grip his cock. He grabs her hips and goes in as deep and slow as he can. She just wants it hard and fast. “Please harder, make me cum Pleas,” she begs. He lets her cum than pulls out and tells her to get on you knees and lick me clean. She agrees, of course. She looks up at him with those big eyes that say Please cum in mouth so I can taste both of us together. But he has other plans. He allows her to get him on the verge of cumming and makes her stop “ Take off your skirt and get on all fours. She does as told. His finger put lubrication on her ass and works some around the entry. Slowly he eases his cock into her ass. She is too worked up to handle the slow motion and starts to slam her ass back into him. His balls are hitting her clit. It feels like and explosion when they both come and collapse on the cold floor

They just lay wrap in each other arms knowing that both are completely satisfied.

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