WoW! what a Fantasy!!!  

gothicdreamer74 42F
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8/22/2006 1:46 pm

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8/24/2006 11:06 am

WoW! what a Fantasy!!!

I get this call at 8a.m. telling me that I am to be at this Hotel called Fantasy thrills Inn and pick up a room key the room has already been paid for... Then I was to go to this room and read further instructions.... I got to room 169 and opened the door and there was a note on the table... It read--


Take off your clothes and place the blindfold over your eyes and lay in the middle of the bed.
I will be there shortly and It will all begin... I will enter the room and you shall not speak...


I did as the letter detailed and then a few moments later I heard the door open and Jim walked in. the door shut and locked and He opened a bag it sounded like and took some things out...
Next I felt some rope around my wrist and then my wrist being tied to the headboard same for the other wrist..... the same was done to my feet... I laid there and didnt say a word but I was getting wet at all that was going on...
I felt hands run up my thighs and then proceed to my pussy... I moaned a little hoping that Jim didnt hear me... I then felt a tongue run up and down my wet lips and I started moving... I was getting wetter and wetter by the lick... I then felt him shove his cock inside my mouth and this mysterious tongue was still licking at my sweet wet pussy... I started freaking kind of I had never been with more than just Jim... All types of things were running thorugh my mind was that another man? or was it a woman?? But I remained into the sex I was getting and giving til it was all done...
As Jim pumped his hard cock into my mouth I reached a huge orgasm! cumming as I never had before.... then Jim turned me over and slid that hard memeber into my ass and fucked me then while theis mysterious person shoved thier wet pussy into my face then I KNEW it was a woman... Never had been with one before I just did what I that I should and started licking her pussy as well.... She started moaning and ginding her wet mound into my face harder as I sucked her erect clit... making her orgasm all the mighty'er she and Jim came at the same time...... then Jim took my blindfold off and it was a friend from work whom I didn't even know was into me... I smiled and she had told me she spoke to Jim before she would say anything to me... and Jim had come up with this surprise to introduce her into our sex.... til this day she has always been apart of our sex play... she now lives with us and all 3 of us sleep in the same bed and play often...

Man what a life huh!!!

The end

r4u62 59M/54F
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8/22/2006 7:44 pm

Very good,that's my dream is to have my wife like that.she's never been with a female and she's ok with if it's like this. would love to make it happen.

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