the one that got away  

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2/6/2006 5:57 pm

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the one that got away

All my life I been shy and shy guys never get the girl. There has only been a few women that I really felt at ease, could open up, could talk about anything. In every case they or I were always in a relationship. My ex by the way was not one of them.
Many years ago before I met my ex, a new girl came to work. She was lovely, she was southern, she was single,and so was I.She worked in a different dept. and I had no reason to go over there. Everyone at work kept wanting us to get together cause we were both single. But shy guys don;t do that, so she did her thing I went mind. Fast forward about seven months, she was married and I was engaged. We still have never met other then to say hi as we passed each other. Then we came to fine the two of us working together for about 2 weeks. Side by side, we became friends, good friends(no,not that good)we talked about everything. WE laugh so hard sometimes I told her I nearly wet myself, she said what do you mean nearly. There wasn't any subject we couldn't talk about. She ask me about if I masturbated, we talk all afternoon on that subject. Each of us recalling story after story of nearly being caught. She ask if my girl friend swallowed, I said she did, she said I do to but only because he wants me to. She said I really don't like the taste. I said well I've never tasted it. She looked at me, I said, what, I never sucked a cock before. She said yea but all the times you beet off onto your belly, you mean you never diped a finger. No, never, have you ever stuck your fingers in your pussy and then in your mouth. Sure still do, she said, I can understand that pussy taste good I said. Besides I was a lesbian in a former life. (but that another story)

The point is this young beautiful thing, who made me laugh, who enjoyed my company and I hers, who made me feel so at ease, like nothing this shy guy ever encounter with a women. Certainly not with my soon to be wife and she mention the same. The one thing we did not talk about, the one thing we both were thinking, the one subject that was taboo, we were clearly SOLE MATES. If ever there was a definition of sole mate it was us. It was clear to me and I know it was clear to her. I was engaged and see was a newly wed.

The work thing we were doing together soon ended, we each went back to our dept.We didn't see much of each other after that except for a distant wave and a smile. We hardly even got a chance to speak, in three months she left altogether, her husband was being transfered. I never saw her again. In that same three months I was married to a person I would never get to know the way I knew her in two weeks, I was married seven years. In seems in the sitcom of life I'm George Costanza

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