What hath Ernesto wrought?  

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9/1/2006 6:18 pm
What hath Ernesto wrought?

Yeah, Tropical storm Ernesto. Made somewhat of an impact here on the East Coast, particularly in the Va Tidewater area. Lots of rain, and some wind, which is always a good excuse for Virginia Power's crappy infrastructure to go tits up.

Like, when my baby, [va_hotpheonix69], is tryin to get her fix of the US Open, particularly her beloved Andre, in his nail biter match against Baghdatis. Anyway, towards the end of the second set ...BOOM...ZOT...FLASH! Poof goes a local substation, and with it, the lights. Oh, and the TV too.


Ah well. I thought the candlelit ambiance was quite the mood enhancer, but, the die hard tennis phreak was havin none of it. So, today, I trudge out, in the teeth of the storm, and get a UPS unit, so that the power (which is bouncing up and down) will NOT be a factor in my baby's enjoyment of her U.S. Open fix.

Life is good....until USA Network cuts away (those inconsiderate BASTAGES) to...ohmyfreakin GAWD....golf. Golf? Who the frack watches GOLF?

Life suddenly...in the crapper, circling the bowl.

Need plan B, and QUICK. Well, we watched the local TV reporters barely restrain themselves, while standing around in the nearest available puddles, from proclaiming the passage of Ernesto as being as traumatic as Katrina (did you know people without power shouldn't use candles, cause, they're like, DANGEROUS? Oh my!), and it hits me. Let's go out to dinner.

So we go to the local TGI Friday's, and it 's packed, but we got seated immediately in the smoking section. Yeah, we may not live as long, by smoking, but hey, we won't be wasting the extra time sitting around waiting for a table, so it sorta balances out.

We ordered our food, and settled in to wait for it to come out. And waited. Annnnd. Waaaiiitted. The TGI Friday's is recently remodeled, and they have about 45 screens in the bar area playing various sports channels. about 5 hours into our ordeal, observing that even the appetizer hadn't showed, I quipped -

"hell, the entrees should have come by now"

My baby, semi catatonic from boredom, perks up and says -

"Andre? Where's Andre?"

And begins frantically searching the 45 different TV Monitors for more hot and juicy U.S. Open tennis action.

I barely avoided going to the hospital from taking a Corona bottle to the head when she realized I was talking about food, and not that perky stud-muffin with a racket, Agassi.

Now, not all was a horrendous in the world however. In a karmic payback turn of fate, the Friday's manager took just about all the food off the tab (something about running out of Pterodactyl wings between the time we ordered and the food actually arrived), so both meals, plus appetizer, was a whopping $6.23 cents.

Plus, when we walked in the door after getting back home, USA Network was re-playing the Agassi/Baghdatis match...and we got there just about at the point the power went kaput last night.

My baby was so happy she paused to get me a cup of coffee before she slipped into a slinky black negligee number "for Andre", and settled in to continue her "fix".

Ahhh...like is good again.

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