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11/22/2005 4:26 pm

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4/3/2006 4:58 pm


I suggest a new way of doing this. I wouldn't know how to do it at all, but there must be a better way. There are some things that need to be eliminated. So, I guess I would start there since I wouldn't know where else to start.

I'll call it Operation ROBOTS. Removal-Of-Bots-Off-This-Site. But, that would diminish the number of "members." Membership needs to remain as high as possible to attract more business. That kind of thing makes more money. So it's a money-makin' deal.

Yes, I am an idiot paying member. It is actually worth paying for, I guess. It is a lot of fun to be able to email friends on here. It is a lot of fun to chat in the Texas Room and email women that I meet there. If it weren't for the emailing and being able to view profiles with my subscription, I wouldn't wish to subscribe for this at all. And, since I AM a paying member, I think it is my right to voice my wishes here. And I could voice a lot more than that. So, I wish to voice this. I hate the SHIT outta' the fuckin' bots on here! My wish is that they were not on here. Small price to pay for such a neat way to meet people? Maybe. Maybe not. The bots are ridiculous. Root word here is ridicule. It is ridiculing to have my in-box full of spam-links to porn sites. It is ridiculing to go to the trouble of writing an email to a "woman" only to find out it is something designed by a man to sell porn. Don't the porn sites have enough fuckin' customers? Hell, almost every guy who's ever had a computer, and every guy that's gonna get a computer, will visit or even subscribe one day to a porn site. Why do these bot motherfuckers think they need to prey on people in here. More than likely, in one sense, people on here probably already use plenty of porn. Me included...heh, heh.

I would rather have a limited number of choices in my area of real women to meet, than the inflated amount which includes all the bots. How do we do this?....Start a new site? Yeah, right.

rm_IGotsNeeds 48F
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11/28/2005 9:39 am

Know what's weird? I don't get any spam in my inbox. It's a conspiracy against you guys!
Make yourself a new ad... as a woman!

gooodslammin7 49M

11/30/2005 8:51 pm

You'd get some spam if you sent a few of these "babes" your personal email address. I don't recommend it.

BabyG0tBlueJeans 45F
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1/5/2006 4:04 pm

Then just be careful who u the profile.....most are easy to tell real from not real. Besides you seem to know which are the bots and which aren' just use that knowledge to your benefit....

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