Wild Afternoon  

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Wild Afternoon

The lovely Indian lady was sitting on the piano bench at Steve's apartment. They had eaten lunch a little while before at a nice restaurant near his Brooklyn home, then gone back to his place so that he could play her some of his music. Now she was rolling her head around on her neck and twisting her shoulders.

"Does your neck hurt?" Steve asked her.

"My neck and back hurt many times," she answered. "I think it is because of my big breasts." Certainly her breasts were big, especially for a little Indian girl. She was only five feet and one inch tall, but her bra size was 34D. Their weight could be putting a strain on her body. Steve wanted to help her.

"I'll massage you," he said. He stood behind her, put his hands on her shoulders, and began rubbing them firmly. Then he pushed her straight black hair out of the way and massaged her neck.

"Ahhh," she sighed. She thought his strong hands felt good on her. She could feel her muscles relaxing. Now he was rubbing her back, one hand on each side, his fists moving up and down. She had to lean back against the pressure to keep from being pushed against the piano. As Steve's hands moved up and down her back, she felt the back of her bra get in the way each time.

"This will be easier if you lie down on the bed," Steve told her. "Is that okay?"

"Yes, that's okay," she answered, standing up from the piano bench and walking across the room. She climbed onto the mattress on her knees, then stretched out and put her face on his pillow. He climbed on the bed next to her and put one knee on each side of her, straddling her body, then began rubbing her back again. He could apply more pressure now, and began pushing his fingers against her muscles.

"That's so nice," she said as his hands moved around her shoulder blades. It almost tickled, but not quite, because his grip was so firm. Steve was so nice to her. She thought he looked handsome, and so tall. He was over six feet tall, 6'2" in fact. She liked his long hair. It was as long as hers, but brown and wavy. She thought it made him look like a rock star.

Suddenly she realized that his fingers were unhooking her bra through her shirt. It happened so quickly that she didn't even know what to say before it was done. Then he started rubbing her back again, but this time running his hands up and down in long strokes. Now the bra wasn't getting in the way like it had been before.

She noticed gradually that she was getting excited. The way Steve was sitting over her was pushing her crotch against the mattress. It was almost like sex, except she still had her clothes on. Maybe it was more like when she rubbed herself sometimes. It felt so good.

Steve rubbed her back some more, then moved over and laid on his side with one elbow on the bed. "Does that feel better?" he asked.

"Yes, thank you!" she said. He didn't seem so big when he was lying next to her instead of standing. She had been a little afraid of him at first, but now she liked him. He was looking at her and smiling. She wondered what would happen next.

"You're so pretty," he proclaimed. She smiled shyly. He leaned over, his face moving closer to hers. She knew he was about to kiss her. She held her breath, feeling nervous, but she didn't move away. She wanted him to kiss her.

Steve's hand rested against her side as his lips met hers. He kissed her softly, then kissed her again, a little harder. He felt her body trembling slightly. Was she scared? Was she nervous? Was she excited? Maybe all three at once. He leaned closer to her and gave her a long kiss as his hand went behind her back and pulled her body against his.

She felt his tongue against her lips. She hesitated, then parted her lips and let his tongue probe into her mouth. It made her very excited. She could feel herself getting wet between her legs, and she squirmed on the bed a little. Steve's hand on her back moved lower, down near the bottom of her shirt, and then went underneath her shirt until she could feel his fingers on her bare waist. She moved her tongue against his and felt them slide together.

Steve was enjoying the way her tongue danced against his, and the way her smooth skin felt against his hand. He was very turned on, and could feel an erection starting inside his pants. He moved his hand further up inside her shirt, until his hand touched the loose bra he had unhooked earlier. If she was going to stop him, it would be soon. His hand moved a few inches and slipped between the bra and her left breast. He felt her whole body tense up.

Was he going to do it? Was Steve really going to touch her breast? Yes, he already was touching it, and she hadn't stopped him. She thought maybe she should have moved away, or pushed his hand back, but she hadn't, and she was glad. His fingers stroked her nipple, which got hard. She let out a little gasp, which separated their mouths and ended their kiss. Steve quickly sat up and pulled her with him. His other hand began pulling her shirt up, and she raised her arms up so he could take it off over her head.

Steve couldn't wait to see her body. Maybe he should have taken things more slowly, but she was so pretty and so nice that he had gotten carried away. And then the shirt was off of her and he was pulling her bra off too, looking at her gorgeous breasts. They looked huge on her little body. He had had girlfriends who had bigger breasts, but hers were proportionally larger. They hung down sexily, with dark nipples, the one he'd been playing with harder than the other one. He was irresistibly drawn towards them.

She watched Steve's head move towards her as his neck bent. She knew what he was going to do. Yes! His mouth closed around her right nipple. Oh, that felt so sexy! The feeling ran all through her body. One of her hands ran through his pretty hair as he moved his mouth back and forth from one nipple to the other, licking and sucking, making them both wet and pointy.

Steve moved his left hand down to her waist and unsnapped the top of her jeans, then pulled the zipper down. He spoke for the first time since they had kissed: "I want to make love to you. Would you like that?"

She was so excited, she felt like she would explode. She couldn't even think of what to say to his question, so she just nodded her head "yes." Steve smiled and said, "Good!" He stood up and started pulling his shirt off. His pants were right in front of her eyes now, and she could see that his penis was hard and pushing against the fabric. She wanted to reach out and touch it, take his pants off for him to see it, to see him naked, but she didn't dare. But she did stand up next to him and slide her pants down her legs, leaving her panties on. She sat back down on the bed and took her shoes off so she could get the pants off of her legs the rest of the way. When she looked up, he was untying his shoes too, still standing up. He kicked the shoes off and undid his pants. She stopped moving and just looked, waiting to see.

Steve pushed his pants down his legs and his underwear went with them. They hit the floor and he stepped out of them. She was staring at his erection. It was like she was hypnotized by it. He was so excited by how beautiful she looked that his cock was completely hard.

Cock. Yes, this was his cock. Cock. She heard the sound of the word in her head. She wanted to reach out and touch it. Was that okay? Yes, Steve would like that. And Steve was nice, he wouldn't think that if she touched his cock that meant she was bad. Her fingers reached out and lightly slid along the side of his erection. It was seven inches. Good, not too big, not too small. She gently wrapped her hand around it and felt how hard it was. It felt smooth.

Steve reached down and held her arms. He pulled her up so that she was standing in front of him. Her pants were still around her ankles, her panties still tightly covering her. He wrapped his arms around her and held her against him. Her breasts flattened against his chest and his erection slid between their legs. He bent down and kissed her again, and this time there was no hesitation, they were both hungry. She almost felt like an animal.

Then they got back on the bed. As they kissed some more, Steve's hand went between her legs and pushed her panties to one side. She opened her legs a little and he rubbed her. She had straight dark hair there, lovely against her light skin. One finger slid inside her a little and came back out wet. He rubbed the wet finger against her clit and she moaned into his mouth. Nobody had ever made her feel like this before, so excited and happy and unafraid. She felt her body quivering. It was like there was electricity inside her.

Steve could tell she was ready. He put on a condom, knelt between her legs, and pulled her panties off. She was wide open and eager, and he slid his cock into her. God, it felt so good. He pushed in and out slowly, going deeper every time, until finally he was all the way in and pushing against the back of her vagina. He sped up his pace, pumping her harder, and she moaned. Her large breasts had flattened somewhat against her chest; they jiggled each time he pushed back inside her. He looked down and watched his cock slide in and out of her.

She watched Steve. He was so strong! She looked at the muscles in his arms. As he pounded against her again and again, she started to feel his rhythm and move her own body to meet his, making his cock go deeper into her. That felt even better. She looked at his face; he was sweating a little. His eyes were looking down at her. She looked down too and saw his cock moving in and out of her. Watching that made the sensations inside her even more intense. She felt her body start to shake. She was having an orgasm! Her moans changed to high-pitched squeals.

Steve felt her inner muscles contract around his cock. Good. He was glad he'd made her feel good, and now he could relax and have his own orgasm. It was very close. He moved faster and faster, harder and harder, grunting "Yeah, yeah!" Finally he felt the liquid shoot through the shaft of his penis and squirt into the condom.

She had made Steve come! She felt proud and sexy. He was panting, his arms holding him over her, his cock still inside her starting to soften. He slowly pulled it out. Then he leaned down and kissed her, long and slow.

They spent the rest of the afternoon together.. They got dressed again, listened to some CDs, and then Steve took her clothes off her again and sat her on the edge of the bed. He didn't take his clothes off, though. He just got on his knees on the floor in front of her. What was he going to do? First he sucked her nipples and twisted them with his fingers. She could tell that he liked her breasts. He even pushed them together so her nipples were touching each other, and he sucked them both at the same time. That felt amazing!

Then he pushed her legs apart and put his head between them. His tongue came out of his mouth and licked her there. It felt better than anything had ever felt to her. He liked along the edges, and sucked her clit between his lips, and then slid a finger inside her while he licked and sucked. She got so excited that she squeezed his head between her legs. How did he even breath like that? She didn't care, as long as he didn't stop licking. He didn't stop until she had another orgasm while she pulled on his long hair. She would think about that all night.

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