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Business Relations

My firm was expanding, and that meant a move to a new office. We'd already picked out the building, but it had to be redone completely on the inside. As one of the junior officers, I got stuck on the search committee picking an architectural firm to do the redesign. I expected it to be a waste of my time, a distraction from more important work. But sometimes distractions can be the best thing to happen all day.

When, near the end of the day, the representative of the third firm I was meeting with in the search came to my office door, I was surprised. Rather than the usual middle-aged male architect, it was a woman about my age. I rose from my chair and surveyed her as I walked over. Medium height; long, wavy brown hair; shy but attractive smile. She was wearing very business-like attire ‒ a matching pinstripe skirt and jacket and a white blouse. We shook hands and I ushered her in, closing the door after her.

"Have a seat," I said, watching her from behind. She had nice legs. She took the chair in front of my desk, and rather than sit behind it, I leaned on the edge.

"So, tell me how your company will help mine," I chirped brightly. She bent and opened her portfolio, and from my lucky vantage I was blessed with an enticing glimpse of cleavage. She proceeded to deliver a very professional presentation, but I was less attentive than I would normally be, distracted by thoughts of the body hidden under her jacket.

After a while, at a point where her materials were spread widely across my desk, she had to reach for something that had been pushed just past her reach, and with her other hand she unbuttoned her jacket to give her more freedom of movement. I watched with pleasure, just managing to keep from gaping, as her ample breasts pressed against her blouse. They didn't look ridiculously large and cartoonish, just above average in a nice, real way.

My own jacket had not been buttoned; when I'm sitting, I always keep it open. I became very aware of this as my penis stiffened from the thoughts prompted by the body just a few feet from me. With my crotch near her eye level as she sat in front of me, I was sure she would notice the telltale bulge.

I was right. She froze momentarily, then continued with her presentation, directing my attention to a selection of photos arrayed on my desk. I turned and made a big production of admiring them, partly from embarrassment and partly in an attempt to actually pay attention to the job I was supposed to be doing.

Shortly after I was through with the photos and had resumed facing her, it suddenly struck me that her blouse was more open than before. Happily, I began pondering the possibility that the fantasies running through my mind a short while before stood a chance of becoming reality. I smiled.

"Do you like them?" she asked. Was she talking about the sample layouts? Or her breasts? I looked her in the eye and answered, firmly, "Absolutely!" That seemed like an all-purpose answer…yet somehow inadequate. "I'd like to take a closer look," I continued.

She stood and stepped towards me. The tension was incredible, but it was a good tension. The air was electric with promise ‒ and raw desire. I also stood, and put my right hand behind her arm. Inexorably, we drew together, both seeming to know that there was no doubt about what was about to happen.

We kissed. It wasn't that I kissed her, or that she kissed me. It was completely mutual and spontaneous. Her lips were soft but urgent, and my tongue gently glided over them. Her mouth opened slightly, and our tongues met. As our kiss deepened and extended, my left hand slid between her jacket and her blouse and around her back, drawing her closer. Meanwhile, I moved my other hand between us, continuing the unbuttoning she had started a short while before. When I got to the bottom, I slid my hand inside and felt her warm flesh.

Then she broke off our kiss and moved away from me. Had I gone too far? No! She shrugged off her jacket, unhooked her bra (it was the front-hook type), and pulled it to the sides, revealing her breasts. They were magnificent, jiggling and swaying with her slightest motion . Her waist was slim, her stomach flat.

"Lovely," I muttered dumbly, my hands rising, facing her and cupping a breast in each palm. Soft but hefty, they filled my hands in a most satisfying way. As I rotated my wrists slightly, as if polishing her, I felt her nipples stiffen and poke into my palms.

I bent my head down and slid my left hand under her breast, bringing it up to meet my eager mouth. My tongue poked out and delicately licked her pointy nipple and the pale aureole surrounding it, and then I closed my lips around her protuberance. She emitted a small groan, and her hands caressed my hair and pulled my head closer to her chest. I sucked her nipple into my mouth completely, along with much of the surrounding breast, and my tongue pressed it against the roof of my mouth.

"Yes!" she sighed, and while my right hand continued playing with her left breast and my mouth held her right breast firmly, my left hand stroked her side and back. Shifting into a higher gear, I cupped both her breasts and squeezed them so that her nipples pressed together, then sucked them both.

Her reaction was swift. She gasped, and her hands tightened around my head. "Just like that, like THAT," she blurted out. "Don't stop!" I was enjoying the feel and taste too much to do anything else right then, so I gladly obliged.

Soon I felt her tense up, and then she began to quiver. Even with my face buried in her flesh, I could see that she had managed to slightly cross her legs. Her breathing became ragged, and her skin flushed pink. Finally she relaxed and quietly exclaimed, "God, I can't remember the last time somebody took the time to give me a nipple orgasm. It felt good."

"You feel good," I whispered, but before I could say more, I heard the faint sound, across the other side of the main office, of the cleaning service's wheeled cart. I quickly went over to the door and locked it.

When I turned and walked back to her, she was pushing her panties down. They slid to the floor and she deftly stepped out of them.

"Fuck me!" she sighed. "Right here." Her hands moved swiftly to my pants and unbuttoned the waist.

"I'd love to fuck you, any time, anywhere. You're gorgeous." I meant it, too. Right now, oozing desire from every pore, she was the sexiest woman I'd ever been with.

I pulled my zipper down and pushed my pants down my legs. She quickly lowered my briefs and extracted my rigid cock. With one hand she stroked it, while her other hand reached down and played with my balls. When she felt the first tiny drops of pre-cum escape from the tip of my dick, to my surprise she knelt and licked the fluid off. Then she opened her lips and engulfed my manhood, bobbing her head vigorously. As suddenly as she'd started, she stopped and stood.

"I just had to do that, to taste you," she explained.

"It felt good," I told her. "But you need my cock in your pussy, don't you? How do you want to do it?"

Wordlessly, she turned her back to me and leaned over my desk, pulling her skirt up around her waist. My hands caressed her firm thighs and wonderfully round buttocks. Since I was taller than her, I squatting slightly to position myself so the top side of my cock could glide back and forth against her warm, wet labia.

Slowly I pressed my cock head into her and moved in and out in short strokes, lubricating my shaft with her wetness. Eventually my whole length was inside her moist channel, and my groin pressed against her ass, pushing my dick as deep as it would go. I held it there, savoring the sensations. Holding her hips and gyrating slightly, I could feel the tip snug against the edge of her cervix

She began thrusting back against me, and I matched her rhythm. Her dangling breasts slid along my desk, her nipples rubbing against her leather portfolio. She bent her head and looked back to watch my cock move in and out of her pussy. Excited further by her attention, I began taking longer strokes, sliding out slowly and then, gripping her ass firmly, slamming back into her.

As my groin slapped against her ass on each stroke, making our rhythm audible, I heard the cleaning man try the door of my office. "Don't stop," she whispered, and I continued to pound into her. Was he listening outside my office? Did we care? Only to the extent that our fucking became even more intense from the added thrill.

She was breathing hard again, and I figured she was close to another orgasm. Without changing our rhythm, I reached out and slid my hands under her breasts, stroking her hard nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. Her vaginal muscles clenched my shaft and spasmed uncontrollably.

"Don't come inside me," she gasped.

"Okay," I answered, and held my cock still inside her as she wiggled against me until gradually her orgasm subsided and her body relaxed.

"Do you want to finish me with your mouth?" I asked.

"Yes!" she responded ardently.

I pulled out of her and she stood and turned to face me. We kissed, my stiff cock sliding luxuriantly against her. I turned to my right and, bracing herself against me, she gracefully dropped to her knees. Her hands caressed my butt and she pulled me towards her. My erection was soon engulfed by her lips as she sucked me into her mouth.

With hard suction and steady pressure from her lips and tongue, she soon had me on the verge of coming. I pumped against her face, trying not to slam against her but unable to hold back.

"Oh yeah," I gasped, "here it comes!" She pressed her face against my belly as I shot my seed down her throat in ecstatic release.

I leaned against me desk, my legs weak, as she coaxed every last drop from me. Finally my erection subsided, and with one last motion she slowly pulled back her head until my dick popped out of her lips like a cork coming out of a wine bottle.

We dressed, which didn't take long since we'd taken so little clothing off in the first place.

"That was wonderful," I told her. "May I take you to dinner?"

"I'd love to, but I have to get home or my husband will wonder where I am. But we should have lunch sometime. Soon," she emphasized with a shy grin.

"Absolutely. I'll call you tomorrow." The situation could have been awkward, but instead it felt completely natural. As we walked out of my office and across the room, we passed nearby cubicle where the cleaner was emptying the trash from under somebody's desk. He saw us and smiled as he said, "Good night." "Good night," I responded, stifling a shit-eating grin.

I kissed her in the elevator on the way down, and I knew that lunch would involve more than food. I couldn't wait. I knew which architect would be designing our new office!

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