shoud we go for the hole  

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4/3/2006 4:47 pm

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shoud we go for the hole

should one go for the goal of sex on frist time together? are should you just meet and take things slow?
depends on how will you know each other
chat frist find out what each party likes and if all are comfortable then by all means go for the sex

VeraeDolesLevel 55M

1/3/2011 9:31 am

If you ever travel to the lake of the ozarks we might want to chat because I'll be there in a few weeks and am looking for some fun. I'm pretty open and would love to see if we might enjoy each other's company.

big8dick2008 61M
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2/4/2011 10:55 pm

Rejection is hard for most people to take, but everyone has the option to say yes or no. There has been more times then not when A guy has sayed yes then not shown up to meet me. Once the guy came to my drive then stuck his head out his SUV and said " this isn't going to work, mde me feel like crap about myself.
Going without sex for 6 months at a time can make you a little more than like you are less than a person. I would like to have sex with my wife, but she has lost interst- to say the least, she does not even like me to touch her at all. I also take pills make me think of sex that is a little on the freaky side to some. I would love to find a couple to just let go with. A women who would not get jelious of another guy with his woman & a man who would like to be n a "69" with the woman on top while one of the guys took her doggie style, Or the woman set back after beig with both males and direct the two male action with each other.
I have a lot of other kinky stuff I think about but that is another story.

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