Suggestions for discrete relationship fpr married person  

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2/4/2006 2:01 pm

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Suggestions for discrete relationship fpr married person

Yes, bad things can happen in relationships; so how do we avoid those the downside of an extramarital affair, at least as much as possible? First, I believe that is why you need to know who you chat with or IM with. Find out as much as you can about them before you talk about meeting. Second, to avoid a lot of the bad things, always make sure the individual you chat with has as much to lose as you do if the affair goes public. In saying that I mean, make sure they have been married long enough to show they have a stable relationship, and that they don't want to leave the marriage. This will generally indicate that the person is not going to be abusive. Abusive people generally get divorced & go from relationship to relationship. Third, avoid going out with single, divorced, or widowed person. They have little to lose in a relationship if it goes public, i.e, specifically a long term marriage. Fourth, if they have a great deal to lose in prestige or social status if they are found out, they aren't going to do stupid stuff , like stalking or acting in abusive ways or somehow allowing the affair to go public. The good person you're looking for DOES NOT want any social or legal visibility that could lose him a position, social standing, or a 30 year marriage. Fifth, ignoring your unmet needs out of fear is a terrible way to live within a marriage. Your needs for intimacy will can very easily draw you into seeking a relationship in the future, so beware of how to avoid as many of the downside effects as possible.
Email, chatting, or belonging to AdultFriendFinder isn't quite the ideal for a married person, but it is a discrete way to find that special person you need. But you want to always remember, ONLY MEET WITH SOMEONE WHO WILL LOSE AS MUCH OR MORE THAN YOU IF THE RELATIONSHIP BECOMES PUBLIC. The basic need for intimacy we have doesn't go away. So, know who you're looking for and how to avoid some of the downside risks.

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4/18/2006 12:12 am

HI,,After reading that sorry I'm single,,,not all of us a crazy,stalkers, golddiggers,,looking for sugar daddy's...

you do have some good points especially the one about finding about much as possible before even setting up a meeting....


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