Moonlight in The Gulf.  

goodfriend985 44M
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6/11/2006 8:28 pm
Moonlight in The Gulf.

Well today was such a very beautiful day, to bad I'm sitting here at work in the gulf of mexico. I would have love to been on land or at the beach watching ALL, the sexy legs and beautiful sexy feet(on women that is) walking on the beautiful sanded beach. But instead I was stuck here in my office in front of my computer just wishing away. Ya know I think after working out here for almost 18 years, its like being in another world for half of your life. And it also helps you to appreciate the finer things and the specials one the are in your life. I really believe that if every man work the way we do out here, there would be less divorces and more happy couples, because after being out of society for weeks at a time you appreciate that special woman or wife that will be waiting for you back home. And you learn to cherish not only the special times but every moment that you are together.

So guys...just think, that sexy woman that you come home to every day, just imagine if all of a sudden she is not there anymore.....

Would life be over?

Would you be able to continue that journey of life? this really the crossroads.

Well all I know is that after spending have of my life on a oil rig away from my queen, my air , the reason for me smiling..........I'm at the crossroads....lost on which way to go now.

It would be like losing your Treasure.............

Good Friend.

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