I'll Never Let Her Leave No Matter What It Takes.  

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7/28/2006 6:36 pm

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I'll Never Let Her Leave No Matter What It Takes.

I no some times things can get tough when two People have been together for so long and share so many times, whether good or bad. And we all know that every one has there ups and down...but stay focus on the good times because I promise you they will override the bad.

But here is something that was on my mind that I just wanted to share..some of you might like it and some of you might not....

When things are bad

shhhhhhhhhh.............I don't ever wanna here you say that again
Baby I'm not going no where.....look at me, you understand me.
What gave you the silly Idea.... that I'm about to leave....girl who you been listen to ....they must be crazy......look back and see our past....and all the shit that we've been through...I'll be damn if I'm let this bull crap take me away from you.....cause I vow to give my all..and girl I'm ma man of my word...and on that word I'll stand tall..being without you sounds absurd....so dry your weeping eyes..cause I'll be here by your side...no need to doubt this guy....I'm in this for the long ride...........

I will never leave...... you don't have to worry...girl I'll be right there for you.........I will never leave..... baby can't you see I was born to be with you........I will never leave......God put us together... and nothing can take that away......I will never leave ....from now until then end..... I'll be with for the rest of my day..

Fellas this peace wrote about the ladies but was posted for us.

If you have that queen by your side or just that special friend, with whom the future is bright. Stop and think, this is or can be the something made to last forever, even though we can't predict the future...if its feeling good 9 times out of 10..it probably is good.

Peace and I luv ya'll here in Blog land.

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Robert Kelly

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The Goodfriend

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rm_wordwhore 40F

7/29/2006 2:32 pm

That's a sweet post expressing a good attitude. One of the reasons I'm not particularly fond of the whole institution of marriage is that I don't like the idea of being contractually bound to a life partner. To me, a relationship is a lot more meaningful when both parties reaffirm their desire to be in it every day without the coercive force of a marriage license. At the same time, it also allows one to make the hard but healthy decision to end a committed relationship.

I had a great, strong, rewarding seven year relationship with an amazing guy who was then and still is my best friend. Despite the lack of a marriage certificate, it was very much a committed relationship, and one that we both thought might last a lifetime. But the time came when we realized our goals and paths in life needed to diverge. We agreed that neither of us wanted the other to have to sacrifice dreams for the sake of the relationship. Over the course of the relationship, we'd both grown up and changed, so we agreed on the incredibly difficult decision to split up. The decision served us both well, and neither of us regret it.

So, while the kind of commitment you describe is wonderful and makes for a strong relationship, you've always got to keep perspective and know when it's time for a relationship to end, even a good one.

goodfriend985 replies on 7/29/2006 3:21 pm:
Hey....thanks for your honesty sweety......in reality thats what its all about. ......(muahhh)...take care and stop by again.

JuicyBBW1001 54F

7/29/2006 7:01 pm

Wow not sure where to start. My first true love was a brother and he was five years younger then I. But we where thick as thieves. When my mother found out I was dating a black man she had a cow. I thought Willie would leave me alone because of that. Instead we got closer and our friendship deepened and even though we went our separate ways after 5 years of being together he is the man I continually measure the others against. Our break up was mutual and for the benefit of us both and we still keep up with one another and still are there for one another. In fact he is my daughter's god father and the best male influence she has at the moment. So I am lucky to have had Willie in my life much like your poem describes.
Sorry for the long reply, just couldn't help myself.


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