The King and Queen of Sweden  

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11/7/2005 3:18 pm

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The King and Queen of Sweden

Yesterday the King and Queen of Sweden dropped in town to say hello "ĦEŁŁØ! Ja vrom Sveden." It was nice of them. Lovely couple. I met them on the shores of Lake Burley Griffith - they were wearing white and in a Blue and White Taxi while I was wearing blue - held up by the men in Blue. Very impressive motorcade filled with people from far off places whose names we cannot pronounce.

It was extra special since I live in Kambah and no one of any importance visits us - oh except for the Thai ambassador but he was lost. I wasn't even able to toss tomatoes at Bush when he visited - the fake police formed a massive barricade to stop any legitimate expression of people's feelings and no one mentioned that the Chinese President had arrived until he turned up on Dixon trying open a shop to flog off his uncle's gear. All at a good price made by prison labour.

CC, maybe you can leave a reply here.

See yuz all later.

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