Canberra - a strange place  

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11/2/2005 10:17 pm

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Canberra - a strange place

When I came to Canberra an almost lifetime ago, I was inclined to write a story - sort of a travel story so that people can understand the place from a foreigners point of view.

I got stuck in the language - just sorting things out was a real hassle. When I heard: "Hey, a couple Charnie booners are headin' off down the Bay." I was lost. Finding a servo at Tuggers proved to be tough, especially with an AJ after some durries. Was I in Oz??? It took me years to work out that Canberrans speak a language of their own. Some of it was easy to access but other words were impenetrable.

I live here now and have come to love the idiom. My favourite is mystery taxi - This term refers to the mysterious taxi that arrives at the residence of a person on Saturday morning before the occupant awakes from a night of heavy drinking and fornication, secretly takes away the stunningly attractive sexual athlete while leaving behind a pathetic, smelly and desperately ugly bed partner instead.

Ciao ciao


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