I lived a fantasy once..ok maybe twice :) Part 1  

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6/22/2006 1:21 pm
I lived a fantasy once..ok maybe twice :) Part 1

My first impression of Saskatoon was an amazing one. Let me tell you the story.

I met this girl that was from Saskatchewan when she came to my home town for the summer. Well we hit it off instantly and had a very nice, passsionate relationship, built mostly on physical attraction and sex. She was wild and always horny..i did not complain for I also have the sex drive of a nympho and wanted it 3 times a day at least. Anyways, we ended up breaking it off after summer was gone and she returned home. Well it wasn't long after that I decided to move to Saskatchewan to be closer to her and to give my life a little something else. I knew that we were not going to dat but had no doubt in my mind that we would pleasure eachother sexually as often as we could.

So I get to her place and she has a party to go to that night. It is a small gathering at her friends place wit about 10 people. There was this single woman there who was quite attractive and I was wanting to make a move and talk to her, see what she was like and if we would hit it off. We ended up out on the deck just taking in some fresh air and talking. There was definetely a spark because before I knew it, she had her body pressed against mine and her tongue deep in my mouth. I kissed back and let her know the feeling was mutual. It was hot, it lasted a while and we were both feeling it. Well we spent the rest of the night going out on the deck at the same time and picking up where we left off. My ex, whom I was pretty close to and was friends with, came out and got a bit jealous. She was telling the woman that she couldn't have me. There was a discussion about it, but it never really amounted to anything other than that. She wasn't ready to see me with anyone else, yet didn't want to date me again. We continued on our evening and everytime I went on the deck with this woman, she followed. This did not stop us from groping eachother and letting eachother know the party couldn't end soon enough so we could go back to her place. After a while, the three of us were out there and I had to go to the bathroom. I went in side and returned about 2-3 minutes later. I walk out and to my surprise there was my ex and this woman making out. Well I knew my night was made right then and there. I walked over and joined in like any guy would and was welcomed warmly. We didn't stay much longer. We got in the car, I was in the back seat with this woman and my ex was driving. We were going at it pretty hard in the car. My pants were undone and her hand was down there rubbing my hard cock. Her pants were also undone and my hand was wrapped around the back of her ass and playing with her pussy. She was getting very wet. My ex in the front was getting very horny and drove as fast as she could to this womans place. we got out and went in to her house. Before we made it out of the entrance, over half of our clothes were off and flesh was attached everywhere. Tongues were exploring every inch of every body. We made it to the bedroom, with a few stumbling blocks to get over, but we made it. The woman pushed me on to the bed and then the two of them stood there, naked and groping eachother. They were kissing, running their hands over every inch of eachother. I slid to the end of the bed where I sat on the edge and put one hand on each of their asses. I played with both of their pussy's at the same time and they were really getting in to it. The woman broke away and knelt down in front of me and put my cock in her mouth. My ex got down behind her and started licking her pussy. Everytime she licked, she sucked harder. It was a great beginning to a great night.

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