internet dating services?  

gonerunin 32M
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3/12/2006 2:03 pm
internet dating services?

Internet dating services, a web of lustful deceptions or a practical dating enhancement of modern technology?

- people who date a lot

- people who are shy in public

- people who stalk others or spy

- people who are too busy

- people who love the idea behind dating with few commitments

- people who have nothing else to do

- people who appear professional in public, holding in sexual desire

- people who love sex

- people who love trying anything new

- people who are not afraid of trying

- people have a lot of sex and want more

- people who don’t have a lot of sex and want some

- people are people all the same

- our society if filled with people, we all have natural desires, and the majority of us should follow the social norms, but all of us should follow the laws men and women have fought and died for, the laws of freedom

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