The Posts of His Death Were Greatly Exaggerated!  

goldri452 64M
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1/12/2006 7:50 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Posts of His Death Were Greatly Exaggerated!

It seems that the announcement of the death of one of the bloggers here may well have been a hoax. This is my reaction which I posted as a comment on another blog. I hope that you will take this to heart.

I have experienced the death of my wife. I have had kidney stones. The emotional intensity of the first and the physical intensity of the second have changed the way that I think. I cried at the news of this "death" not because I knew the person but because I could relate to the pain of loss that so many expressed here. Certainly it was an unwarranted hoax if in fact it was a hoax. More importantly, though, it provided an opportunity for us all to explore our own emotions and appreciate that we are able to feel and experience life very deeply. I am truly sorry for those who feel so angry and bitter. Hopefully that will give way to something less destructive to the ones who feel it. Know that anger, fear, bitterness, and unforgiveness are all poisonous things to the person who harbors them. Let it go. Appreciate that you have the capacity for great emotional depth. And move on. Those of you whose immediate reaction was one of caring and tenderness can know that you experienced something sacred. It is a treasure that no perpetrator of hoaxes can ever take from you.

rm_WickedFemale 62F
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1/15/2006 4:08 pm

The death of any one is a loss.
But a hoax is not a way to get attention in the least.
One of the first gentleman I met on this site in 1998 and were very close dear friends passed away of lung cancer in June of last year.
Once when I returned into our old chat area here, people were saying he moved to Fla (this was our plans and I was the one he was moving to) and went to the point of saying he had changed his screen name here. I set them straight right away! We had talked together every single night over the last five years and the last time we talked...he was not able to breath, you could hear that in his talking and that he was going into the hospital for the doctors to see what they could do for him. I called the hospital the following night and he was not allowed phone calls because he was in ICU but I did talk with his sister that told me it did not look good. He died two days later...I was at his funeral.
Thank you for showing your caring and not angry out of a hoax,,,,,

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