how many fuck buddies?  

goldie8361 31F
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4/23/2006 2:42 pm

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5/6/2006 8:09 pm

how many fuck buddies?

how many fuck buddies is too many? Should there be a limit? I know every one is different but I'm looking to find the average answer..
1 is enough for me
2- need a back up, right?
3 - I need to have someone available
there is no limit for fuck buddies

jd29992z 54M
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4/23/2006 4:33 pm

Love to be your fuck buddy!!!!! But yes I know there are too many red X's when you look at my profile darn those red X's! But a red X tuned side ways would be a plus!!!!!!! Think about it have fun JD

overnovernagain 46M
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4/23/2006 9:42 pm

I don't think you can have to many. But there are concerns after you get a few going. Do they show up at your place before calling? Do they know they are not the only one? Do they know each other? There could be problems if not done right. And it also depends on you idea of a 'fuck buddy' sex and no strings is the way I look at it, but not everyone has the same idea I have found out.

rm_byron1724 53M
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4/24/2006 5:11 am

I've found that 5 fuck buddies is the maximum limit and probably just too many for me. If you assume that each fuck buddy wants to spend some time with you each week and also that you want to spend some time with your other friends (without benefits), or to meet new friends (and new potential fuck buddies) and that you may also want some "you" time, then it starts getting a little messy with 5 fuck buddies.

Also it may depend on your definition of fuck buddy. I live alone, so I could invite any girls back to my place, but the trouble is that once you establish the ground rules (i.e. "I've got several fuck buddies, if you'd like to be one too, then you have to be aware that they are also in my life and I will need to spend time with them too"), you are then making the situation a bit competetive, with girls vying for your attention and knowing that anything more than once a week is a bonus.

I ended up calling it a day with five fuck buddies - there were all young professional career girls who didn't want (or have time for) a full time relationship - but were desparate for a decent fuck (and not the embarassment of a drunken fumble and sneaking out the back door in the morning). But it never works out as just a fuck, as you like them (or they wouldn't be friends), so when they stay the night and you cuddle up, talking for hours, and therefore making love for hours too (because you're awake!) it gets very emotionally (and physically) draining.

I called it a day after I'd just had a 48 hour shagfest with a girl I met in Barcelona - she'd flown over and we'd just locked ourselves away in my house for 48 hours, then I drove her the airport, feeling tired and emotional, only to find a girl waiting for me on my step asking "has she gone then?" and needing a good service herself - I took her over the leather armchair as I was too tired to remake the bed, but afterwards I was supposed to be meeting up with friends and I was getting texts from the other girls also asking for a shag (its usually the weekend that shags clash), then to top it off, I finally met up with my mates, and was having a great time until this stunning blond (who I knew) came over and asked about my five fuck buddies, and then asked whether I wanted a sixth? - its too much and I decided to finish with all of them and try to get my head sorted out.

bigboy1169322 36M
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4/24/2006 11:39 am

Well you should be able to fuck who ever you want to at anytime. So you should have as many as you want or as many as you can handle at one time so get to fucking. You will never know what you like unless you try it out.

Extasis_Zorro 43M

4/24/2006 3:37 pm

At first I was thinking that there is no limit to the number of FB’s a person can have, but Byron makes a valid point. Sex is never as simple as walk in, fuck, leave.

The more time you spend with someone, especially if it is having sex, cuddling, chatting. The more emotional involvement and the more emotional responsibility you take on.

So there is a limit, but it will greatly depend on how much of yourself you are willing to give to fulfill your sexual desires.

onenightstandrv1 40M
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4/26/2006 8:04 pm


I think it also has to do with your profession.I'm a really busy man so it is more difficult to have more than one or two fuck buddies even if I wanted more.
I'm a single dad,I have full custidy of my kids,daughter (6yrs) and my son (3yrs) then to top it off I own a business with 125 employee's.
I think I could handle two but after that I think I would just give up on having more than one.
So again if You are working 40 hrs a week and living in a beach house in Florida than You may be able to have Three, but four or more would be a little too difficult.

sexyboytoy2283 33M

4/26/2006 8:55 pm

I love fuck buddies, but I have take three as a limit.

4uoralrewards 56M
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5/4/2006 1:07 pm

It depends on how often you use each of them.

If you had 365 fb's, you could have 1 every day of the year....or 2 a day and take half the year off....or 730 and do it twice all year long....or....

PS..luv ur pic, very pretty!

rm_tbearmike 57M
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5/6/2006 3:59 pm

I would be happy with one fuck buddy that I can get together with on a regualr basis.

DoctorBooty 35M  
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7/29/2006 11:38 pm

3, at once

rm_akropolitis 40M

10/24/2006 7:54 am

you can have as many you like it depends how often

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