Spring Break  

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4/25/2006 11:30 pm
Spring Break

Spring Break! and you know what that means..... wild kinky sex with frat boys and maybe a girl will join in on the fun. Yep, that's what I was planning when I decided to hit the Florida beaches, but what really happened was totally different. So, I'm at on of those shoreside bars, sitting on a bar stool sipping on a glass of white wine. I just arrived and was relaxing from the long trip. Watching the waves hit against the beach day dreaming about the character in my romance novel I had read on the way. My pleastant thoughts were interrupted by a voice behind me "enjoying your daydream?" the voice sounded mature, this definately wasn't a frat boy. Annoyed at the fact my dream was interrupted I turned my head to see who the bastard was (the dream was getting real good). He was tanned, had long dark hair and appeared to be in his late 20's to early 30's. he was wearing a white button up collared shirt. Nope, not a frat boy. "I was until you interrupted me.", I said to him. I looked into his eyes as I said it, he had the most beautiful brown eyes I ever saw. When I was able to tear my gaze from his eyes, I saw that he had good looks as well. His hair only accented his good looks. It was brow lenght in the front and just past his ear lobe in the back. He reminded me of Antonio Banderez. I was so glad I decided to wear mid thigh flowing sun dress that tied at my neck and was low cut in the front. It accentuated every curve on me. "You'll often find that reality is better than dreams" he told me. Great, I thought, he's flirting. I've always been attracted to men in their early 30's. He was incredibly attractive and after all, it is spring break. "And why would you say that?" I flirted back.

"Because in reality to can feel everything." he answered. "Tell me, why would a beautiful lady like you need daydreams for?"

"I don't need them, they're just fun to think about." I said to him.

"Yes, that's true. My name is Robert, May I have the pleasure of knowing yours?" he asked me.

"You may, I'm Angie." I said.

"Well, Angie, would you allow me to make you dinner and show you how reality can be better than that daydream of yours?"

"I will, but only if you are sure you can change my mind, Robert."

"I'll take that as a personal challenge.", he answered.

He gave me directions to his place, (he wasn't far from my hotel) and told me to show up for 8 that night. It was now 5, so I excused myself and went back to my hotel room to get ready. I choose a peach colored, flowy, cocktail dress that came down to my mid-thigh. I wore a pair of matching 3" stelletos that enhanced the curve and length of my legs. I styled my hair in a loose up-do letting a few strands fall around my face.
I arrived at his beach front home at 8 sharp. I was alittle nervous, he made a bit of an impression on me. He was intellegent, charming, and hansome. I got to the door with knots in my stomach and rang the doorbell. He answered the door in a dark blue button-up collared shirt, wearing black slacks and dress shoes. He let his hair fall around his face. He took my hand kissed it and led me inside. The den was on the left of the door. There on the table sat a white table cloth, with plates and untensils and two lit candels. He pulled out a chair for me and asked "I hope it wasn't too hard to find" as he did. "No, it wasn't." I answered him. He walked to the kitchen and returned with the main course. He served a garlic shrimp pasta with peppers and vegtibles. We kept up a nice converastion through dinner geeting to know each other. I was liking him more and more as I got to know him. He asked if I would like to dance and I said agreed to. He put on some soft music and Led me out to the deck. He held my hand with one arm wrapped around my waist. We dance for a while there long after the music stopped. We were just dancing to sound of the waves against the beach. He slowed to a stop and looked down at me as I looked back up at him. He cam closer and closer to me until our lips touched. He kissed me soflty and very gently. I never been kissed so softly before, I was used to th rough and hurried kisses of boys in their early 20's. Robert took his time and didn't rush anything. I opened my mouth to allow his tongue to enter. He slowly explored every inch of mouth. While we kissed his one hand rubbed against me feeling every contour of my back and the other supported my head. I had rested one hand on his arm, gripping and feeling his muscular arm and the other hand at the base of his neck. I never wanted it to stop. He then pulled away and lifted me up in his arms and carried me inside to his bedroom, the whole time he continued to kiss me. He layed me gently on the bed and layed on top of me still just kissing. His hand slowly left my waiste and found it's way to my breast. His other hand went in the opposite direction, moving up and down my thigh (from my hip to my knee) over and over. My hands moved from his back to his chest allowing me to feel his shoulders and chest. His hand left my thigh and reached under me to the back of my dress. He unzipped it at a slow pace. His other hand moved from my breast, while the other moved out from under me and with both hands slid the sraps of my dress off my shoulders. He stopped kissing me to look me in the eyes as he slid off my dress and removed my shoes. When the last shoe was removed he kissed my toe and kissed my all the way up to my hip. The feel of his lips against the skin of my legs maid my stomach twinge. He stopped and my hip and gently nibbled and kissed it as he slid off my thong. he kissed and nibbled his way over to my already wet pussy. With one hand on my belly, the other at at my thigh lifting my leg onto his shoulder. He looked at me before he dove into me. Breaking his slow pace, he carressed my clit with his tongue. Flicking it, applying pressure to it, making me moan in exstacy. He ermoved his hand from my belly and borught it to my pussy. teasing me by taking his finger and tracing the entrance to my hole. He finally inserted his finger, soft but frim strokes, gaining speed after a pushing it in and out a few times. I had one hand clutching the pillow behind my head and the other on rested on the back of his head. I was moaning with more intensity as he was fingering me at different paces and licking my clit. Then my back arched my head folded back as I let out a scream at feeling the ripple after ripple of orgasms he was sending me through. He climbed back on top of me stopping to kiss my stomach. Then moved his mouth up to my neck carressing it with his mouth. He kissed my jawline, then my chin, and back to my lips. While we kissed I un buttoned his shirt and slid it off his arms, feeling the every muscle as I did. We broke our kiss as I took off his under shirt. I kissed his chin, then neck, dwon his breast plate, to his abs. while I kissed his abs I undid his slacks and slid them off of him along with his underwear. I took his big hard cock in my hand with my other hand I held and cupped his balls. I slowly licked the tip of his cock before placing my lips around it. I sucked on the tip and moved my lips up and down on it. Taking in alittle more with each stroke of my mouth. Going up and dowm on him as I sucked. I applied pressure with my tongue as I came up. Listening to his moans only wanted me to give him more pleasure. I moved my attention to his balls for a bit. Licking and ducking them while I stroked hie cock with my free hand. I came back apon him with my mouth, moving my head faster and sucking harder on him. He's about to cum. I can feel the muscles tighten right before he does. He lets our a scream as he blast a load in my mouth and down my throat. Not wanting to loose any of it I continue to suck as he finishes pumping his cum inside my mouth. When he's done I give on last hard suck to make sure I got it all. He scoops me up once again and lays me on the bed. He hoovers over me as he slowly enters inside me. His cock feels so wonderful. He thrusts at a staedy pace going as deep as he can get with each one. He holds my legs in the air with one arm. Then he rolls me over on to my stomach. Enterning me from behind and with his thumb on the rimm of my anus applying pessure to it is enough to bring me to another orgasm. In and out he keeps thrusting not loosing his pace. The he pulls out and lubed with my juuices he slides himself into my anus. Going at that same steady pace, thrusting deep into me until he's ready to cum. He waits for me to cum again (which doesn't take long) and as another orgasm rips through my body making me cry out he unloads more cum into my anus. feeling the throb of his cock only intensifies my orgasm. He collaspse beside me on the bead and holds me with one arm. I rest my head on his chest running my fingers through his hair until I fall alseep.

turq6969 69M
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12/25/2006 12:18 am

Very hot story; very sensual feelings; great build up to intensity.

Peace and Love,
Turq {=}

Peace and Love,

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