Funniest sexual moment on bus yesterday  

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6/22/2005 11:07 pm

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Funniest sexual moment on bus yesterday

Rememeber i was at a party a few months ago? i played strip poker and then fell down alot of steps(with no recollection)...well...

at the party there was this large 18yr old lass who had been coming on to me all nite(despite being with her bf), well allegedly as i was naked when the other partiers where elsewhere, she got off with me or her words "nipped", and had a good feel of my naked erection......well 2day!!! ffs i met her on a bus LOL- she came on and sat in front of me, talking about it, looking down at ma crotch, licking her lips, gazing into my eyes...(fair enouff, iam nOT into her.....but i could still feel myself largening and she could see it too! she carried on saying how we should do something etc etc(eyes still on ma cock, and rubbing the almost inside of my leg(while others sat close!)..........NOW the whole point of this story is a dare thats been given to me by a friend....... to get my cock out on a bus and take a pic, and a girls hands on it would be even better.(think the idea of taking the pic was the thing that really got me hard.....................................ALAS..... this morning when i left the house i decided that, i wouldnt need my cam(i take it almost everywhere!!!) all i can think now is FUCKFUCKFUCK cos she was willing too!!!!(too willing in other areas lol, i just wanted the pic!!!) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLOL grrrrrrr

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