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10/17/2005 9:53 pm

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racial rage

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Discovered the joy of percocet via a trip to the hospital to remove a nail from my thumb. I shot myself with a pneumatic nailer. Two inch brad nail straight through the bone and all.

Hosptals are all right I guess. But my god they keep you there way too long. That little trip cost me five hours of my life. I left before they were finished. Doc said something about giving me antibiotics. I asked for more percocet. he said no. So I split when he wasn't looking. I think I'll live.

Slipknot is coming next week. I wonder if there are any tix left. Went to see Meshuggah week before last. maybe that's why my ears were ringing last week. Wicked show though. Got tossed around in the mosh pit pretty good. What a blast.

I'm a little bit pissed by some fuckhead in the advice section. He said that white women who give it up to black guys are tainted. Now what the fuck is that supposed to mean. Motherfucker deserves... ah nevermind. he will get his I am sure. Life has a way of balancing itself out.

Little shitsack.

I can't beliee I got that pissed off about it. Who the fuck is he? Just some stupid waste of flesh. Fuck I'd love to kick his ass anyway.

Guess I'm still pissed. Why is that I wonder? I know there are people like that in the world so what's gotten into me tonight?

You know what it is? I'll tell you exactly what it is. It's this damned computer. Every little dick wad with two fingers can say whatever they want and be safe. Fucker like that wouldn't dare say that to my face.

I'm no militant when it comes to race. To be honest i only figured I was black a couple of days ago. I never noticed really. But I've been all over the advice section and it's come up more and more. Like i said, I don't care about race. I am not proud to be black. I just don't give a shit. I save my pride for things that i actually deserve to feel proud about. Things i can do. Things i learned. Mastering difficulties. That kind of thing. But proud of my colour? How did I earn this? There is nothing to be proud of. You just deal.

And then along comes some fucking little stain on my underwear talking shit about white women being tainted by black men.

See? I am fucking pissed off again.

Fuck it. I'm going to bed. Tomorrow's another day. Maybe the little shitstain will actually explain what he meant. I hope he has the balls to say something. That should be good for a laugh. I can't wait to hear his explanation.

Hey! I'm feeling better all of a sudden.

Sweet dreams blog.

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