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10/15/2005 4:09 pm

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on bush

Turn it off
It's too loud
It gets better
It gets worse
It gets better
It gets worse

That's funny: I am going deaf and the Deftones are playing...

Where are you Gina Primadonna Primavera?

Remember I used top call you that?

I had names for all the good ones. There was Lollypop and Ladybug. But there was also Coccinelle. The Professor...

It's no use. Playing around in my memory only hurts my brain today.

Have you ever remembered somebody that you forgot you had sex with?

I can't string two thoughts together.

Brazilian wax Gina. Ha. That chick in the magazine section was funny. There's a woman who I'll bet has never had a Brazilian wax. Smoothe is just so much sexier. And it tastes better.

Esthetically though I am starting to like a little more bush than I used to. Remember the old penthouse magazine l;ayouts? I love looking at back issues of that mag from the seventies. Beautiful women with lot's of thick bush. with the right set design and wardrobe I think that still looks hot.

I picked up this Playboy book of nudes from 1954 to 1978. Beautiful photography and beautiful natural girls. I wish i could find women like that to photograph.

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